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A CASE OF DEVOTION OR DISTRACTION: School Teacher’s Mode of Dressing sets debate among humans & spirits

A curvy South African teacher has become a viral sensation because of her curves and her mode of dressing to her place of work- the classroom. The teacher, identified as Lulu Menziwa, has a huge following on Instagram because of her sense of style, and obvious derriere. She regularly shares photos of herself teaching in class while dressed in outfits that accentuate her curves.

He Instagram account is private but some social media who follow her shared some of her photos on micro blogging social networking site Twitter. The photos have since caused a lot of debate on whether or not it is ‘appropriate’ for a teacher to dress like she does to the class room.

While many users find nothing inappropriate about her dressing to work because according to them, she is naturally curvy and her curves will show regardless of whatever she wears, others are of the view that her tight clothes are unsuitable for the class room.

They argue that while her clothes don’t determine if she will make a good teacher, it’s inappropriate to dress like that to any place of work let alone a classroom.

“I personally have no problem with her dress sense; I just think for the classroom its needs to be toned down. Some of the clothes look like she’s attending a party and not works let alone a classroom.” One social commentator wrote.

“The job of teacher is a very delicate one, and a certain level of exemplary living is expected. She can still wear beautiful clothes; they just don’t need to be so tight and clinging.” Another expressed her thoughts.

See some of her dressing to class, below…

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