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Abena Akuaba goes to Hollywood as she stars in four roles in new blockbuster movie set to be out in July

Abena Akuaba (54)

ABENA AKUABA is currently Miss Universe Ghana 2014 and she well represented her country fervently irrespective of the fact that she didn’t make it into the Top 15 contestants, a feat which had no African rep. This, did we ask her what happened out there in Doral, Miami for the first time after the pageantry.

She has rapidly come to understand that terrain of the entertainment industry and also sharpened herself ahead of the tides that come her way. She has dropped two singles, still working in the studio ahead of her forthcoming album; she is soon going to be announcing her involvement with one of the world’s biggest modeling company in the USA.

In this interview with Ytainment.com, it will not be complete if she didn’t talk about her new movie role in a blockbuster Hollywood rated movie being shot in America.

Also, we had time to shed light on her relationship with the current Miss Universe team and what we had for answers were extremely enthralling. Grab your seat and let’s ride together

Abena Akuaba (66)

Happy New Year to you because we haven’t spoken with you this year. You had a good 2014 running into 2015 where you represented Ghana at the world stage; how was that feeling like?

Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you too. My 2014 was not bad at all and I appreciate the fact that my management have been there for me and also we worked so hard last year and we are hoping to have a great 2015. In general, I am happy.

Tell us first hand, what do you think must have been the reason why no African contestant made it into the Top 15 at the Miss Universe contest?

I may not be too clear with why other contestants from Africa didn’t make it into the Top 15 but I can talk for myself. I just want to state it clear that I did do my very best and thanks to my management who supported me from day one till now. From my end, my manager gave her all in seeing that I met the criteria for the event but God knows best. Though I didn’t get the adequate support from the Ghana organizers and that may be another story for another day. But I must say that I gave my best and though I didn’t get into the Top 15, I can still smile that I am happy.

Some Ghanaians back home have stated that one of the main reasons you didn’t do well was because you didn’t take the pageantry serious, how true is that?

Like seriously? I am human and I will say that I took this so serious with my last blood. My management took it even more serious. We worked day and night and made sure we attended the event and represented the whole country. Even when the organizers weren’t coming out straight with my management, we still never looked down. We remained focused, prayed and spent every dime from our pocket – so how ‘serious’ did they want us to be? I flew to the Miss Universe venue with little or no support, I saw other ladies come with their massive support, they came with their media, they came with their team or organizers; but did I get such treatment? Did I enjoy the privilege of being a winner? My dear we (my management) did all you saw and I am grateful to God for using them for me.

Would you give us more gist on the kind of reception and treatment you and your fellow African contestants faced out there in Doral, Miami?

Miss Universe pageantry is another world on its own. I have said that for one to understand the treatment, one needs to be in that house to understand. I will not be bias and point fingers at anyone, but I will be firm and say that you need to be there to understand what we went through.

Talking about ‘support’, you basically didn’t have any from Ghana because watching from back home, we could see that while some countries had more cheers, others -Ghana inclusive- had less noise. Did the organizers of the Miss Universe Ghana, provide you with the adequate support you needed?

Sincerely, I had very little support from the organizers. I am not going to downplay their support but I can say it anywhere that the whole support I have gotten thus far have come from my management who have been managing me for years now. They truly understand what and how to handle a beauty queen. As humans, I believe that no one can take glory for another person’s hard work. I will want to eulogize my management team for their good job.

Abena Akuaba (67)

Did the Ghanaian organizers believe in your potentials to make it to the Top 15, because if they did wouldn’t have preparations been adequate? Now the question is after the whole exercise out there, are you happy or satisfied with the Miss Universe pageantry exercise?

Yes I am happy about the exercise and I hope that the organizers keep their faith and make sure that subsequently they do the right thing and keep their words and also make sure that other beauty queens coming up from their ranks wouldn’t go through some of the things the last two (myself inclusive) queens have gone through.

Away from that now, we hear that big things are coming your way since you represented Ghana. Any endorsement yet?

Endorsements are coming and management is handling that. We have had offers but we are weighing them so that we don’t make wrong decisions.

As a musician are we expecting an album or you are going to focus on dropping singles just as you have started?

Singles are part of the plan and we are not relenting on hard work to make sure that we drop our album before the end of the year.

We know you to be a model as well, what is the way forward with that particular passion?

My modeling career is still very on the high. There is a juicy gist coming up soon but I am not allowed to break it now because my management is finalizing the final part of the whole gig. But that passion is very active.

We heard that you are now going into Hollywood by acting movies or series, which one is up your sleeves now?

Hollywood is where every actress want to be and as for me as a budding actress, I can just say “thank you God” for the grace to see me get do a movie and playing the female lead role in a forthcoming movie which will go very far. God is good. The movie is an interesting piece and after going through the script, I immediately fell in love with the storyline and the rest they say is history. We are currently on set in the USA and I must say that it is worth the experience.

Back to Ghana, you were schooling before all this came up, you had to take a break and then what is the way forward with your school?

Yes with my schooling, I had to take a little break because of the Miss Universe participation, but now that I am through with the pageantry, other activities have risen and are quiet very important. I shall be completing soon so that I have enough time to focus on my career.

Let’s go into you sense of fashion a bit, you have carved a niche for yourself with the touch of African prints and even at the Miss Universe stage, you showed that you appreciate your own. What ignited you to start going all African print?

I have long believed in African prints because I upload that fact that I am African and I love to show it in my dressing. I also keep my natural hair which also is part of my brand. I love to go natural because it is in the natural beauty that one can get that desired bliss. In a nutshell, all what I wore, was part of my brand as Abena Akuaba.

And your hair is always natural, how much do you spend to maintain this natural hair of yours?

Hahaha, do you really want me to tell you how much? Okay all I can say is that a lot goes into maintaining my natural hair but in all it is in keeping the brand alive.

Abena Akuaba (71)

Having seen the nitty-gritty of what pageantries are, we spoke to couple of beauty queens and two-thirds feel that Ghanaian organizers are not truthful to the public, some said that most organizers are not worth given the franchise. In this vein, we are asking you that would you lend your support behind the next 2015 Miss Universe organization.

For now I am still the current queen and until the intentions of the organizers are made, then I can now seat down with my own management and see the way forward. As I said earlier, we have lots of projects ahead of us as a team and we are focusing on that which is taking most of my time. If the organizers want my support – why not? At least from my end, we have supported them immensely and that cannot be taken off the record that my team have been there for the organizers and so it will not be a new thing to support them if the need be.

Before we end this interview, we read on your Instagram page, where you said as a kid, you were bullied, that your self-esteem was low and much more horrible things happened to you, can you shed more light on that

My experience as a little girl growing up was one that I just had to put behind and move on. I faced some things because I was still growing and now I have come to understand that everything just fell in place for me to get to where I am now. Irrespective of that, I still use my position now to tell other ladies that they can be whatever they want to be, they need that self-esteem to be motivated and also to be guided in the right path. Thank God for my parents and family that have supported my personality and today I can stand tall in the midst of people and air my view without blinking an eye of worry. I think it comes with time.

Having grown up into a lady now, how did you fight that trauma that the whole childhood scenes came along with?

Confidence, self-assurance and God have been my pathway and key to my person today.

As a role model to other young ladies out there going through what you went through then, how would you ginger their spirits?

Have confidence and be bold to speak and stand on what you trust in.

Thank you for your time and we hope to talk with you soon.

I appreciate this time out you have had with me too.

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