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ALOE VERA: Samuel Gyimah reveals that he has the cure for Covid-19

Mr SAMUEL KWABENA GYIMAH, a business man is claiming he has the cure for the deadly Coronavirus and challenging the government to allow him try it on the affected victims.

“I see through dreams and I am saying Aloe Vera will do the magic. I am trying so hard to meet the government or any medical person about this. We can test it and try it as soon as possible. For two weeks now this dream keeps appearing to me and I know it is going to work”, he said.

According to Samuel Gyimah, he is not looking for hype for anything when Ghanaians are crying for help and looking for a solution to this pandemic.

“This is not the time to joke or look for hype. I just want the government to at least try the Aloe Vera on those affected when it’s tested by the researchers; they will see what I am talking about.”

“I know that the God who revealed this dream to me will never let me down. Ghanaians are suffering and need help. This is the time God will show wonders and He has revealed it through me.” He said.

Mr Samuel Kwabena Gyimah used the opportunity to tell Ghanaians to stay safe, practice social distancing, wash their hands with soap under running water and use sanitizers as often as they can.

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