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Aniré’s view on PRAYING TOGETHER in a Relationship

One of the best things I’ve also realized that has helped my relationship with my best friend is praying together. Oh what a feeling! It’s a blessing that keeps on blessing our friendship & relationship.

In our darkest moments and even in our brightest hours, giving ourselves to prayer bangs different. Power is made available when we pray and our strength & faith in Christ (and in each other) is renewed and strengthened.

My standards for love is Jesus. That’s who I learn from. And His standards for love is higher and better than anything the world teaches love to be.

Loving unconditionally is my ultimate goal. Though I fall short every now and again, I’m confident I’m on the right track with my partner and vice versa. I know I’m in safe hands with her, and that’s what love should bring – peace of mind and trust in total submission to Christ.

– With Love, From Love.

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