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BECCA: Not just a singer, but a prayer warrior



“Thank you God for mercies and grace that endures forever” every beginning of the year, they try but, you oh!! Lord the Jehovah taut I serve sweet me out of the mouth of the roaring Lion, who’s aim is to consume me. Today is Sunday and my birthday making me “Akosua” so, today is dedicated to you! To say Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I will let the whole world know you come first before MUSIC!!! Thank you again God as im alive and kicking for my Family, my Souls of united lovers, my moody manager and for my diehard fans the original #BeccaHearts💕 who have faith in me and have my back 24/7. As I pray I also say one for the sick, poor, orphans and widows please be with them where ever they may be. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen and Thank you God!! And @Christiebrowngh this top is a work of art!! #BeccaHearts💕 #stillirise#beshiwo #stillirise #AfricanWoman.”

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