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Beginning from September….DStv is cutting down its current six M‑Net Movies channels to just four

DStv will be cutting down the current six M‑Net Movie channels to four from 1 September 2020.

These four carefully curated channels, with its array of must-see films, will be known as M‑Net Movies 1, M‑Net Movies 2, M‑Net Movies 3 and M‑Net Movies 4.

Even though DStv have streamlined the M‑Net channels, this will not impact the number of movies on the DStv packages, audiences will benefit from a leaner, spruced-up M‑Net slate.

The channels will be arranged as follows:

M‑Net Movies 1
(Channel 104 on DStv Premium)

This is the new number-one destination for the latest local and international feel-good, wholesome movies for the entire family.

M‑Net Movies 2
(Channel 106 on DStv Premium)

M‑Net Movies 2 will unleash an adrenaline rush with recent heart-pumping, explosive action films.

M‑Net Movies 3
(Channel 107 on DStv Premium, Compact)

Welcome to the place where all the movie heroes and heroines hang out, either saving the day in adventure classics, or inhabiting the imaginary worlds of sci-fi and fantasy. Sometimes, they even tickle the funny bones in star-studded comedies, or show off their acting chops in gripping dramas.

M‑Net Movies 4
(Channel 108 on DStv Premium. Compact, Family, Access)
The world’s biggest blockbusters, as well as their prequels and sequels, are lined up here.

M‑Net Movies Pop-Up
(Channel 111 on DStv Premium)

To keep it fresh and exciting, there will be a host of festivals and themed surprises on these channels. Furthermore, the M‑Net Movies team will continue cooking up more binge fests with M‑Net Movies Pop Up channels.

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