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Big Church Foundation & Maxine Alexis Partner as they Donate to Christ Faith Foster Home in Frafraha, Ghana – photos!


31st of December was no doubt a day management of Christ Faith Foster Home would never forget in the history of the orphanage as Big Church Foundation, in collaboration with Maxine Alexis, a young aspiring philanthropist to donate soft drinks, foodstuffs worth thousands of Ghana cedis to the foster home.

The story started when Maxine Alexis (a young Ghanaian with a large heart and a purpose to add value to the lives of the less privilege through charity work. She has worked with Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Worcester Massachusetts, and her dream is to be a human right lawyer for children and women, as well as to run her own Non-Governmental Organization), first visited Ghana sometime the second quarters in 2016, she saw the living conditions of some of her peers at this foster homes and she decided to take it upon herself to show a hand of love. This she wanted to do in a beautiful way, thus, she invited a bigger ‘hand’ to support her course. Then came in Big Church Foundation!

Big Church Foundation all the way from Nigeria heeded to the invitation after seeing the efforts made by Maxine and her team. They came in to partner and make the day a graceful one.

alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-1 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-2 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-3

The foster home which is located at Frafraha, Dodowa road, Accra is no doubt one of the oldest foster homes in Ghana. It currently accommodates and takes total responsibility of forty orphans in a spacious compound where structures such as library, classrooms are also built; as well as basketball court and football field for the balancing of the orphans’ lifestyle.

The orphanage home was founded in 1970s by some Ghanaians and a German missionary, and has since been accommodating kids who are orphans and train them to realize their goals in life, just like other kids with parents and resources do for their children. Currently, we have 29 boys and 11 girls. Majority of them are in Junior and Senior High School while one is doing her National Service.” Madam Henrietta Asare one of the supervisors told us.

“We can only run – successfully – this orphanage home with the support of people with large heart like Maxine Alexis and a foundation like Big Church Foundation whose purpose is to ensure that we are further encouraged to make our society a better place by rendering help to orphans.” She added.

In a brief interview with Alexis who was there with her mum – told the story of how her charity work started when she was 7-years-old. “I would say I discovered my passion to always give in support of the less privilege as early as 7-years- old. I cannot stand it – seeing people of my age or younger suffer. And I have always had the support of my parents to support my dream of helping the less privilege through donations like this.”

Speaking on why she collaborated with Big Church Foundation in this particular charity work, she said: “Big Church Foundation is an entity that’s already in the business of helping the less privilege, either in Nigeria, Ghana, and United States among other countries where they have offices. So, we believe with their guidance in knowing how to go about the strategy, who to donate to and what to donate – among other support we had from them – will really help in achieving the core objective of the donation. Also we are most grateful to them that when we called them, they came all the way from Nigeria on that day.”

In an interview with the Chief Coordinator of Big Church Foundation, Ghana Mr. Raphael Cudjoe, the vision of Big Church Foundation is to help the less privilege across Africa, as well as to encourage other well-meaning citizens like Alexis to also adopt such goal in other to make the world a better place.

“That’s why we have worked together with Maxine Alexis on this project as a young philanthropist,” he said.

Scroll down to SEE all the photos from the day…

alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-4 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-5 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-8 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-9 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-10 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-11 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-15 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-16 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-17 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-19 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-20 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-21 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-23 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-24 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-25 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-26 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-30 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-33 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-37 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-38 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-44 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-45 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-46 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-47 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-48 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-49 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-50 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-51 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-52 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-53 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-54 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-55 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-56 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-57 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-58 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-59 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-60 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-61 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-64 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-65 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-68 alexis-big-church-foundation-donates-to-frafraha-orphanage-69

Photos credit: Big Church Foundation

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