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BOY STIF’s ‘Feeling Ne Y3 Deep’ may be ‘controversial’ to you…but here is how he defines the whole ‘brilliance’


As ‘stiff’ a BOY

The name BOY STIF is already gathering momentum as the days go by, not just because he is controversial -anyway you look at it- but he is just a brilliant lad who can turn anything into lyrics and make you dance like no man’s business. He gave us a tip of an iceberg when he did a single with Stonebwoy, then fast forward to his current jamming tune titled: ‘Feeling Ne Y3 Deep’ and all have given him a round-of-applause. 2015 has been great for the Status Quo signee and for 2016, he has promised not just a little more ‘controversial’ gigs, but becoming a possible nominee and winner of international awards like BET, MOBO, among others. Enjoy…

Why do the public think that you are a controversial persona?

I think it has to do with the cover of my new song “Feeling Ne Y3 Deep”. I think a lot of people are reading a lot of meaning into it but I think it is just artistic which should tell you how creative I like my work to be. I am very different and have a unique taste.

Your new single, “Feeling Ne Y3 Deep” can be described as having bites of profanity; do you agree or disagree?

The lyrics are very clean. There is no profanity in the song. I think people are just assuming there is some degree of profanity in the song but it is rather the other way round. The song talks about loving another to the point where the only control you have over body is to cry. This is a song any good husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will like to sing to their significant other.

Why did you choose the name ‘Boy Stif’?
The original name I had was ‘Stifler’ back in high school. When the time came for my branding, my team decided to go with the shorter version which is ‘Stif’ due to the fact that ‘Stifler’ was very common. I decided to make it ‘Boy Stif’ which sounded much better to me.

Let’s talk about your previous songs, what has changed so far with your style?

You are right. I have done a whole lot of style and genre of music. I have afro beat, afro pop, rap and dancehall songs ready for the market. My team and I decided to stay with dancehall for now because of the trend in West Africa. The only thing that has changed has to do with the maturity in the lyrics and my brand.

You stand at 6feet and sing so well; do you get massive attention from female folks which ginger you to want to do more?

I do get massive attention from my funs and that makes me want to do more and give more to them. I like to talk to them on a regularly through my social media pages and some of the things that come up are really encouraging.

About your last song with Stonebwoy, how did that collaboration pull off?

Stonebwoy was really professional. He did his part the same day he received the beat for “She Bad”. I was very surprised when my manager told me the song was done. The problem was rather the processes leading to the finish product. The beat was played by Timmy Beat, recorded by Prosygee and mixed by Beat da Kay, so you imagine my frustration leading to the release of the song in May.

What is so unique with the producer Magnom that makes you always go back to him, to cook a joint?

Magnom has been in the industry for a long time so I respect his opinion and he actually gives it freely. You also know he has a lot of hit songs on his beats. I wanted a hit song so I want to a hit maker.

Your management, Status Quo, what do you think are the right things that they have done to ensure that you are on top in this industry?  

I believe they are picking the right moves. The first thing my management told me before we started working together was not to think about making money but rather I should focus on making great music because they were going to train me to be an international star because Ghana was too small. I have a team in Ghana and Nigeria working towards promoting my music as well as in the UK and USA. I am working the best people in the industry.

This genre of music, how long has you admire this style?

I do Afro beat and Dancehall music. I entered into music doing rap but I have found that I enjoy singing more. I fell in love with dancehall because it allows me to be able to sing and this I have done for about 2 years now.

Your current single is topping the charts in most regions across Ghana, how do you feel about it and how long is it going take you to take over Accra and probably Africa?

I thank God for that. Like I said I work with the best people in the industry and my team always picks the right moves. I want to stay on top. In the coming weeks before we end 2015, I will that over Accra. My team and I have some programs and plan lined up towards ensure that success.

We know that you spend most of your time in the studio cooking new songs, do you mind telling us specifically how long you spend each day in the studio?
I cannot tell. Time flies. I actually spend more time by myself at dawn. That’s the time I can really think and concentrate on my music.

We hear that more singles are due to drop soon, because of your personality, why is each song is going to be seeing a different you?

I will be releasing different style of music while staying in my lane and not compromising on my style and quality.

You attitude towards the kind of tunes you churn, has got the nation talking, how much time do you think that you need to buy to get the public settling with your style?

Ones they begin to listen to my lyrics, they will fall in love with me.

Your style of music – can it be termed as the new phase of change in the industry?
Yes. Not just my style of music but also the way my team and I.

Let’s divert a bit, what are the few advices that you will like to give to MUSIGA in regards to the treatment some of you, new acts face?
I will like to skip the conversation on MUSIGA.

What would you love to see change with relationship to the way artistes behave towards each other in Ghana?
Artists in this country need to work together for the greater good. The show off is too much. We have to learn from other Africa countries. We need to empower each other; in this way we get to pick bigger moves and get paid more. He promoters and event organizers are working together to pay us less, it is only wise we work together to get paid more and what we deserve.

In Ghana, which artiste has earned your respect so far and why?
That will be Stonebwoy, Mugees of R2bees and Shatta Wale. All these guys encourage me when I speak to them. These guys operate differently than what we may call the tradition way of doing thing. My label trying to rewriting the status quo by creating a true way of doing things which in the long run will be the status quo and these artists are on the same path as we are.

Where do we see BOY STIF in 2016?

As a possible nominee and winner of international awards like BET, MOBO and others.

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