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CHICK CHAT LIVE season two premieres on Friday, June 14th at 12:00pm W.A.T

We are excited to announce a brand-new season of hit talk show @ChickChatLive this June. The show will premiere at 12:00pm W.A.T on Friday, June 14th on YouTube.

Following the success of season one which airs on Fox Life Africa, DSTV Channel 126, the show returns to its digital format with a thrilling 13 episodes of binge worthy content for your weekly consumption. Shot in the cosmopolitan city of Accra, Ghana the new season features and unveils some of the continent’s fast rising stars, forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and other faces you should get to know.

Chick Chat Live is bringing a new spin to day-time talk. It shares empowering messages about creating disciplines, confronting insecurities, owning vulnerability, accepting feedback, self-healing, setting boundaries and embracing ambiguity.

Whilst the first season enticed its viewers with relationships as the running theme, the show is digging deeper this season with hot topics ranging from, “The consequences of saying #MeToo in Africa” to “The Side Effects of being an Independent Woman”. The ladies are unpacking mental health, pivoting career, choosing self in relationships, managing loneliness and enjoying their aloneness.

A brand-new segment, Chick Chat Candid’s has been added to the show. This addition is the heart of the season. With a roving reporter interview format, it features some of Nigeria’s known and unknown faces sharing their thoughts and life hacks.

The goal for the show is to rally a community of like minds with an interest in navigating life mindfully, developing and maintaining lasting interpersonal and romantic relationships while defining our lives and climbing our ladders of success.

Host and Executive producer of the show, Cornelia O’Dwyer describes the show as “a tribe of thinking women, we are knowledge seeking women finding our niche, sticking with it, creating a plan and developing social and financial profit from pursuing our passions. I wanted to help women find clarity using entertainment by sharing stories and championing necessary conversations that women could consume in their own time and digest. It is a platform for prominent and diverse thought.

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