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DAVIDO insists that he was seduced by a full-grown woman (Baby Mama – Sophia) who took advantage of his innocence at just 21 years of age – MUST READ


Davido and his older lover and baby mama, Sophie Momodu. Photo credit: Ovation

“What a relief, my friend!”

“What are you relieved about?”

“It is this David Adeleke and Sophia Momodu soap opera”.

“I tell you. It is a perfect subject for a good home video. But what is your own?”

“No. Nothing. I am just relieved that the parties involved have agreed to let peace reign”

“This will be about the third time I would hear of that matter being resolved.”

“Well, I think the Momodus and the Adelekes should just spare us.

They should not forget there is a child involved. They have suddenly made Imade Adeleke, the most famous victim of Baby Mama-Baby Papa palaver in Nigeria. Both Davido and Sophia and their supporters’ clubs should please protect the baby, and not make her a poster child for that kind of subject.”

“But me, I am enjoying the story oh.”

“Of course, too many sadists in our land enjoy other people’s misery.”

“But really, it is a simple matter.”

“If it were that simple, the drama wouldn’t be so entertaining.”

“What Davido wants Davido gets. His father is rich. He is a famous musician. Davido says he wants custody of his daughter.”

“By taking her away from her mother by force, and giving her to his half-sister, and threatening to travel out of the country with the baby for medicals, without the mother’s knowledge or consent? A seven-month old baby, abducted at two months?”

“He gave reasons for that. He is talking about the biological mother taking cannabis and risking his daughter’s life”


“Yes. Igbo”

“You seriously mean marijuana?”

“Yes, gbana as in Indian hemp. And Davido provided a medical report to confirm his claim.”

 “You saw the medical report. You are sure it is genuine? Because I understand Sophia Momodu’s lawyers have written the lab to produce the original report of proof of drug abuse.”

“This their matter sef.”

“That’s why it is the child that is most important. I don’t like the way they have turned the young girl into a trophy to be fought over in a blood sport. We are in the age of the internet. Twenty years from today, someone could print out these funny details from the internet memory bank. A father, grandfather and a half-sister fighting a mother and her family over a baby and making sordid claims: It is not a fight that can be easily won.”

“I hear Davido says the Momodus cannot force him. He may even release a special song to make his position clear: No be by force.”

“Nobody is forcing him and his family to marry Sophia Momodu. They are just saying custody should be mutually agreed upon.”

“And he and his family are saying they want their daughter properly brought up. They too have a point. You should not take sides.”

“Ok. He is talking about Marijuana. When he was head over heels in love with the Momodu girl, he didn’t smell marijuana? I am sure if he was given Marijuana before he was allowed to inhale, he would willingly exhale?

“He insists he was just 21 years old. And that he was seduced by a full-grown woman who took advantage of his youth and innocence.”

“Innocence, indeed. Was he raped? Did he not have a relationship with her, and did he not showcase her everywhere? He was 21. If he could be tricked at 21, then he should live with the consequences. “

“You are taking sides. I know why. You are Dele Momodu’s friend.”

“I am making uncommon sense. I am saying why is Davido asking for Sophia Momodu’s birth certificate after the fact? When the thing dey sweet them, they no dey remember say na the thing wey fowl chop, him go shit.”

“But you can’t force any man to marry a woman.  Why the girl too go carry belle for him junior brother? She suppose know say Davido sef him na pikin. You no see as him papa they follow am, make dem no carry big yansh, big chest, fine face, cheat him son for Lagos”

 “Him try well, well. But Davido, your boy, him no sabi use rubber?”

“That girl look like person wey go gree rubber?”

 “You dey craze”

“My own is that fathers should just keep an eye on their sons and daughters. Let mothers also keep an eye on their daughters.  To avoid stories that break the heart like this one, fine girls should just know that you can’t detain any man with a baby.  Er beg.

“The values of the younger generation are different.”

“Some strict parents will still never have allowed this to happen.”

“Some of these children are beyond control.”

“But we all suffer for it. This is why Ghanaian ladies insist that Nigerian men are unreliable. They say they use and dump women.”

“They say they…?”

“That’s what I hear.”

“They or we?”


“You mean you have tried the Ghanaian market too? Tell your brother something about ECOWAS romance?”

“You are an incurable gossip. Ashawo, somebody.

“But talking seriously, it won’t be fair to condemn Nigerian men. I think this is a thing about Nigerian musicians.  Those people too like women. Young women, old women oh…any woman. Even the women musicians sef, any man wey stand well… fiam

“That is more important to them than their art? No wonder many of them sing such trashy songs”

“There is even one of them who has seven children from five women or so.  And there is one they call Whizkid”


“Whatever. But there is this kid musician who also has a child from an older woman. There is this joke that when his parents heard, they quickly took charge of the situation, by telling the Baby Mama that while they would accept the baby, everyone could see that the Baby father is himself still a baby, too young to take care of another baby, not to talk of a grown woman. They pleaded that no woman should pakurumo..ko…

“Nice joke. I laughed. Him sef na pikin, he never grow finish to take care of pikin. The girl fled.”

“That’s why I say it is a simple matter. Davido should have consulted his seniors in this matter. That one that has seven children from five women did it so well, today all his Baby Mamas married or single, are friends.”

“Wow. That’s a real Baba of the matter. Who is he?”

“I can’t mention his name. He is happily married now to one of the Baby Mamas. I don’t want to be accused of disrespecting another man’s wife.”

“Let Davido and Sophia just make peace for their daughter’s sake. And when the matter is settled, Davido knows where to go for tutorials if he really wants to fish in this type of troubled waters.”


 Editor’s Note: This interesting article was written by Reuben Abati.

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