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DKB speaks on how Viasat 1’s ‘Laugh A Minute’ show almost made him cry all the days of his life


Undoubtedly, DKB is the current number one comedian that Ghana can boast of. This feat didn’t just come on an easy ride because when Ytainment.com spoke with the young man, he opened up to issues that have been swept under the carpet.

Until now, the DKB was synonymous with a certain ‘Madam Kpelems’ character from a TV comedy show which was aired across Ghana. The comedian in this exclusive interview told us what really happened and the main reason Ghanaians transcended their frustrations on him while he was doing ‘Laugh A Minute’. Not only did that program ‘irritate’ the viewers according to Kobby as he is affectionately called, but the fact that they had already seen almost all those skits shown, made them furious.

What we couldn’t forget to touch on during this interview was one of the facts that some people have been offended by the manner the new king of comedy has been throwing jibes at Nigerians in his jokes, and you cannot wait to read what DKB had to tell those who feel his is going to back down from his teasing.

Grab your seat and get ready for this ride…

Congratulations on your newly crowned position as the ‘King of GH Comedy’, how does that make you feel?

I feel very humbled and honoured. It’s the biggest thing to happen to my career.

Before KSM publicly declared you as the new man that Ghanaians should follow if they want to crack their ribs, did you ever for once felt you were the ‘King of Ghana Comedy’?

Waow! Interesting one! Well not exactly King but I knew I was working my way to be the best comedian in Ghana, so the being crowned is just is a pleasant addition.

Since finding your new fame, has a little pride set in, knowing that you now rule the industry?

Hahahahahahaaa pride for where? I am as humble as Mercy Johnson new from the village to the city in a Naija movie.

Let us talk briefly about the night where you literally bought the hearts of all Ghanaians, that show was probably a make or break for you. How well did you prepare before mounting that stage?

I had already prepared to take over the scene, so all my minor shows were taken seriously when this door opened I just had to select best of jokes and serve them.

Were you nervous, shaking or did you feel it was one of those days?

I surely was but when I started sailing I calmed down on stage. And the rest they say is history now.

Now, what if you had performed below the belt on that particular night, would you have probably given up and felt ashamed and then call it a quit?

Oh never , one thing that gave me confidence was the thought that I am not new to failure so I would just pick myself up and start again and not give a hoot what people say.

I would love you to clear some perceptions here and now, how was the Viasat 1 show programmed for you, because the truth of the matter is that most Ghanaians who ridiculed, chastised you, used that Viasat 1 show to judge you. What was it all about in terms of the concept?

The show was “Laugh A Minute” – a funny video with commentary show but Ghanaians had watched the videos severally already on their laptops etc., so it being shown on TV irritated them and they transcended their frustrations to people related to it. My role was to spice the show and I achieved it with the character I created “Madam Kpelems”.

Would you say categorically that Viasat 1 comedy show almost killed your personality and can you also confirm that that style of comedy wasn’t you kind of thing?

It never killed my career it rather gave me opportunity to prove people wrong plus it enable me with the “Madam Kpelems” character to reach kids massively.

Your campus comedy tour has been great I must say, but would you say that that was the beginning of your redemption after the Viasat 1 fiasco?

It partly did because it gave me the platform to show my real comedy colours in this vein. I would thank my sponsors Ramani Marketing Distributors of LeLe Foods and DJ drinks for sponsoring.

How large are you going to use your new found fame to enlarge your campus comedy tour, any hint on taking it to the primary and secondary schools in Ghana?

Oh yes I have plans of making it large, soon to be a national show, the lower education sector primary and secondary with the right sponsors I wouldn’t hesitate to go entertain them.

Some people have not been so pleased with your take-on on the Nigerian folks in your comedy, what do you have to say to that?

Hahahahahaaa then they should prepare for more bombs, we were taught by the Naija comics not to be offended when they take swipes at us. There is no malice intended if you hear me mocking Naijas on stage it’s just love for our brothers and sisters, besides; teasing is the highest form of flattery and affection. I love Nigerians and their hunger for success irrespective of their obstacles.

Now that you are the new ‘King of Comedy’ in Ghana, are you looking at going outside the shores of your comfort and rocking shows in other countries?

Oh sharp my brother! Been in talks with some event organisers outside Ghana but I haven’t made conclusions yet, you would know when I do because it will be in the news.

Nigerian comedians come to Ghana to rock shows successfully, have you been invited yet to come on any platform out there in Nigeria?

Yet to, but like I said I have been speaking with some but others interested can get in touch via my management.

And if the opportunity comes right away, how prepared are you, looking at the basic fact that it will be a new terrain for you, which also means that the fans out there must be highly satisfied to get your trust; how ready are you?

I have been ready for the international front 4 years ago and I hope to storm Uganda–Kampala for the Mnet comedy club; a platform for the best of African comedians on the continent.

What do you think of an all Ghanaian Comedy night, where there will be no foreign comedian to support, do you think that the current crop of comedians can hold an entire night for about two hours non-stop and still get the crowd asking for more?

With the comedy emperor KSM, Afia Schwarzenegger, Foster, Khemikal, Kalybos and myself it’s too much for a night.

As the new man on the bloc, what will be your message of encouragement to the younger ones and the ones who have been praying for a chance to show what they have up their sleeves?

They should keep on, find the right platforms, hook up with established ones for coaching etc. and they wouldn’t be far from breakthrough.

Thank you DKB for your time and we hope to see you at the top

LOL… I am already there and you are invited.

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