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Elikem & Pokello’s relationship heading for the rocks?

+Is Elikem and Gloria Lamptey playing the public dilly-dally?

+Is Pokello’s insecurity leading her to overreact?

+Why did Elikem confront his brother?


With what seemed to be a relationship made in heaven between Elikem Kumordzi from Ghana and Pokello Nare from Zimbabwe, may soon be over. This is as a result of many happenings within these few days. Information made known to us has it that the two love birds may soon be saying good bye to each other.

In this interview with us in Accra, Elikem speaks passionately about his lady; he also talks on the ‘other side’ of Pokello and the future of their relationship. He finally cleared the air on his relationship with Gloria Lamptey.

How do you feel presently with all this going on in your life?

I feel really down looking at everything that has been going on. I don’t really understand why these things are happening, but whatsoever be it, we shall come out stronger than ever.

Tell us briefly what has been happening which has made the media taken a toll towards your direction

The media will always remain my friend no matter what. It all started when I got back from South Africa where I briefly represented Ghana again on Biggie’s request. I came back afterwards to see that my social media account of Twitter was being used to send some particular kind of messages. This really got me angry because I never sent those messages and besides that, I knew that the media was not going to take it lightly with me. Before we could call ‘Jack’, lots of online media houses had published my supposedly message of me dating and having an affair with a certain Gloria. At this point I knew that it was me against the world. How many people was I going to started calling to explain what was and what wasn’t? Mind you that amidst these hovering messages, I was still very much confused and then I had to confront certain persons which I will say that if you were in my shoes at that moment, you might have done a little bit extreme of how I confronted the issue.

What was the tone of the message that sparked all this?

Before now, a particular strange phone number always called Pokello. It continued so hard that there was a conclusion from her that it was probably Gloria Lamptey. My fiancée then starter reacting in a manner that made me feel she wasn’t comfortable with my client, but we all handled the situation maturely until I went to SA recently only to come back and see messages of my supposedly having an affair with Gloria.

During this time, either pre or post the era of your dating Pokello, did you ever make her speak or meet Gloria who is your client face to face?

No. Reason was simply because you know how women could react at each other in circumstances like this. So I was waiting for the right time to make this happen. One thing I must also say is that Pokello’s insecurity in all this also made me decided to hold on and then find the right moment to approach the whole issue.

Who and who had access apart from you to your social media accounts?

Pokello and my kid brother both have access. They did have access right from the day I was previously in the BBA house, because they were using it to request for more votes for me to win the then BBA season. I am not pointing any accusing fingers at any of them though. I confronted my kid brother and he told me that he wasn’t the one that did all this.

And have you spoken to Pokello to find out if she was the person using your account to send these messages?

As of this time of talking with you (the interviewer), I haven’t gotten a hold of her yet. She was out of the continent so I guess that network has been bad so it has hampered calls. But I am not relenting on finding who is behind all this.

One particular name-Gloria has been in the middle of all this controversy. What is your relationship with her?

Gloria has been my long time business client even before I completed the university. I met her during when I was actively sewing while on campus. I truly got in touch with her family when her kids wanted to make clothes for their Prom and she wanted to make a funeral dress, I did them for the family and delivered them. Since then we have had a quality family-client relationship.

For how long have you know Gloria and aside she being your client, how will you explain the supposed dating spree between you two?

I have known Gloria and her family for about five years now. They are good people. My relationship with them has been great I must confess. About the dating spree as described by you, I will say it here and here again that we have never dated each other. I respect her and she respects me.

What’s you stand now as Elikem in all this now?

I am still very much calm, I am still adding my facts together and soon I shall come out with a concrete summation on all these.

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