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ERA CONCERT 2022: How AK SONGSTRESS made her Comeback worth the Long Wait

Labadi Beach, Ghana, Sunday the 25th of September, 2022, is going to forever remain in all attendees’ hearts with total bliss as AK SONGSTRESS brought the roofs down, got everyone dancing, singing along and praying that the show never ends. From that day’s enthralling production, fun atmosphere and quality performances from the likes of Mr. Drew, Eno Barony, Keche, Coded of 4×4, Kamelyeon, Epixode and Portable from Nigeria – this one is for the entertainment pundits, bookies and aficionados to relish in; because these acts were amazing…alongside with AK, they made the day flawless. They gave performances that showed that they genuinely wanted to be on that stage

The 2022 ERA CONCERT for us had all the fans felt connected with their Queeno as she went back-to-back with non-stop twelve (12) hit performances from different genres range leaving her fans to gush over. One fan told us that she had witnessed a passionate and emotional performances in a blissful setting and thus, she knows that her entire 2022 expectation has been met – such kind words.

From production which was beautiful, you could tell that this was not a mere feat. The vibrant and dynamic lighting, stage, sound, etc, all brought style to be remembered.

You’d agree with us that overall production does contribute to the overall atmosphere, which is pivotal to separating a great concert from just an OK one – this was truly the story of the ERA CONCERT!

We can tell you boldly that last Sunday was one that had purely beautiful vibes and good time. For many concertgoers who try to avoid overly intoxicated people at concerts, the Labadi Beach environs deserve kudos for their sharp and prudent management/security at the venue which got the concert more fulfilling.

 In a nutshell, the 2022 ERA CONCERT by AK SONGSTRESS would remain memorable because she the main act was super enthusiastic, the production was apt and engaging, and the crowd was like-minded

Catch a glimpse (below) of what you may have missed this year, whilst you start prepping for 2023….


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