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GH fast rising comedian, AJEEZAY tickles Psquare – photo



Comedy in the world is fast becoming a venture worth being part of. The system itself is fast adapting to the people and the people in return love the whole scenario of comedy playing a huge role. This week, one of the Psquares was cracked up by one of the social media post of AJEEZAY!

Ajeezay is one of Ghana’s fast rising comedians who did not pass the audition stage of the TV show ‘Born Stars’ (no pun intended). In case you think that is all, he is humorous; his choice of lines comes virtually with a responsibility to change the face of how comedy should be, that’s adventurous, bold, daring and democratically spicing.

He sings too. Though not in the lane to be called yet a ‘rap god’, but his songs are unadulterated and equally carrying the warning tag of, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed, please, fasten your diaphragm before listening.”

Scroll down and see what Paul Okoye did on his social media….

Psquare gets tickled by AJEEZAY joke-1

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