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Ghana movie industry to witness technological revival

In recent times there have been many lamentations on the state of Ghana’s film industry and the inability to keep financially benefiting from productions, after they’ve been shown at the cinema. Many have also bemoaned the process that prevents most of our local industry movies, from getting to the cinema.

With the advent of technology and the DVD came huge piracy. The dawn of the internet further crippled a limping industry. However many are turning lemons to lemonade and turning streaming into a goldmine.

Netflix, Apple TV and HBO are just a few names that give Hollywood and many other industries a lifeline. Especially with the advent of the novel Coronavirus, African movie producers are realizing that options are limited, in terms of local stream platforms.

The is what My Perfect TV explains is their motivation for showing up at this time. The platform offers streaming of locally produced movies and series; giving producers and fans a platform to monetize and consume Ghanaian cinema.

Speaking to spokesperson for Perfect TV App, they explained that a lot of research went into a decision to give local language movies, a presence on the platform. “We have the top notch Ghanaian English Language movies. We’d announce some titles at the launch and also give everyone a chance to witness how many ‘Kumawoood’ films are available on www.perfecttvapp.com”, the spokesman said. He commended all producers who created cinema that tell stories from a Ghanaian perspective.


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