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GIRL TALK takes Monthly Hangout: 6th of August at the Sandbox Beach Club

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GIRL TALK has announced that the July edition of its Monthly Hangout would take a different form.

Unlike the previous versions of the event which were mainly indoor, the hangout for ladies born in July which is scheduled for the 6th of August at the Sandbox Beach Club would be bigger.

The brand has said that unlike the past where at most 31 ladies who have been chosen are given a treat, this time the doors of the Sandbox Beach Club would be open to all ladies born in the month of July.

Already Girl Talk has started the celebrations with surprises for Female Celebrities; Doreen Andoh and Amanda Jissih who celebrated their birthdays on the 5th and 16th of July respectively.

Both Celebrities have been slated as Celebrities of the Month of July.

Activities slated for the July Hangout include a Volleyball tournament and other games, a Beach Party, Bonfire and storytelling and many more.

The July hangout is supported by Sandbox Beach Club, Gihoc Distilleries, Cake Village, and Bigcakelittlecake Ghana.

On a daily basis, beginning in May, one of the brand’s loyal social media followers who celebrates her birthday is chosen.

At the end of the month, the thirty ladies who have been chosen are given a treat alongside a Female personality or personalities who also have birthdays the month in question.

Since 2011 Girl Talk has served as a brand that focuses on all things feminine.

The brand amongst other things organizes annually, the number one event on women’s entertainment calendar bringing together about five thousand women from all walks of life under one roof.

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