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How GUSTAV Liqueur RAY-ed on BOLA…photos speak!


Bola Ray & Dromeryda from Palm Media

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things…..Ronald Reagan

In celebration of his birthday and his inspirational leadership as CEO of EIB Network, the management of Gentle Giants Ltd, the sole distributors of Vitamilk soymilk, Gustav Liqueur and CD lemon and dark beer paid him a surprise visit to share in his birthday celebration.

To share in the celebration, Mr. Nat Anokye Adisi was introduced to their new brand of Liqueur called Gustav alongside a bespoke Oriental made cake.

Gustav Liqueur is an authentic German made liqueur brand etched from indigenous Ghanaian Herbs, Spices, Roots, Fruit juices and Honey.

Gustav is an innovate liqueur carefully brewed with an all Ghanaian ingredients,  by a German master brewer with over 200 years experience in the manufacturing of premium liqueurs.

Gustav has two variants,

  1.   Gustav Tea; Made from Green tea, Honey, spices, herbs and roots
  1. Gustav Herb: Made from Spices, herbs and roots

Gustav has an amazing aroma, an extraordinary taste and a mesmeric feel good appeal.

Mr. Samuel Dankyi-Boateng, marketing manager of Gentle Giants in the company of Dromeryda Agyapong from Palm Media made the presentation on behalf of the team. Mr. Dankyi-Boateng told him the purpose of the visit, is to celebrate him on his day and to encourage him to continue being an inspiration and a model of great young achievers in Ghana.

Bola Ray on his part showed appreciation for the honour done him and thanked the team for the products and cake.

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Photos credit: Palm Media

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