Let’s rewind to past years and the golden era of live music. Remember when international artists graced our shores? Take a trip down memory lane as we reminisce about the good ol’ days and the jaw-dropping ticket prices that made it all worth it.

Today things have switched up, what once was affordable has transformed into a luxury experience, reminding us of the growing demand and global impact of these extraordinary performers.

Ticket prices for international music shows have witnessed an astonishing ascent, painting a picture of the ever-growing popularity and global reach of our favorite artists. As fans, we navigate the journey from affordable concerts to high-value experiences, cherishing the memories while acknowledging the evolving dynamics of the music industry.

We cannot ignore how the poor economy of the country has led to many things being expensive, and this applies to ticket prices for shows, especially when they headlined by international artists.

Back in the days you would cough up anything between R400 – R1500 to get yourself a VIP seat to watch acts such as Coldplay, J. Cole, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj or even Justin Bieber.

Recently, Kevin Hart was in the country for his Reality Check Tour and you would have to pay atleast R600 for a regular seat or almost R17K for premium seating.