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JIJIGLAM spits the Hard Truth + calls the ‘Hypocrites’ out & reminds that there could still be few ‘Faithful’-at-Heart out there

Fashion & Beauty consultant, Chagraoui Jihane aka Jijiglam has come out fuming at what seems to be the #KUPECHALLENGE trend; she isn’t angry at the challenge or the song attached to it, also she is not at war with the lot of people including celebrities, pelebrities and wannabes alike, who have decided to be part of the challenge. She is specifically looking at the hypocritical ambiance that certain people have warmed their beds in that regards. The Mario Dedivanovic protégée feels that the same energy, support and enthusiasm channeled at making other national’s gig trend, same should be routed the Ghana path

From her words (uncut) on Instagram [@jijiglam], READ below…

To my beloved “Ghana Music Industry” on behalf of all your fans allow me to say: sorry for not promoting you the right way and always promoting foreign-acts more than our talented local ones 🙏🏼😔!!!!! Y’all are promoting blindly this new #kupechallenge (which is a very nice song by the way) but the way how Ghanaians are wild about it has shocked me!!!!

How Can you guys forget that we have many dope new Ghanaian tracks that are waiting for your support to be promoted 🌎 !!!!! Hey is that how you will improve Ghana music industry ???? Is that how you will play 80% local content ?????

Like seriously 😳 ?!!!!! Most of our local radio and TV stations are playing this Kupe song !!! Even Y’all on social media are competing among each other because of this #kupedance!!!!! Do u know that those who made the KUPE song are super talented and verrrryyyyy smart !!! They got it right as simple as it is; for your music to blow in Africa you have to either use « local 🇬🇭 language in your song, or a 🇬🇭 beats or even better a collaboration with a 🇬🇭 artist and VOILA: you have become a superstar star and your song will be played « for free » in Ghana, you will even be invited and paid big 💰💰💰 to perform in every Ghanaian event and on top of that the whole Africa will celebrate you !!!

Because if Ghanaian approve an Artist means he is on point !!! I am not saying we shouldn’t play foreign music, but we HAVE TO SUPPORT OUR OWN FIRST!!!! Charity starts at home!!!!! .
#thunderchallenge . .
And the list goes on ….

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