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Kisa says that, Guys love her butt and it makes her feel comfortable


For many African women, having a sizeable behind is a sign of beauty and also inspires a lot of self-confidence.

New actress, Kisa Gbekle is no exception as she says it’s her well endowed backside that makes her feel confident and is one part of her body she would happily flaunt anytime, anywhere.

“What I love about myself is my butt. It’s not too big and not small either but it appears many people like it. Often when I step out, guys go like, ‘damn, this girl has a nice shape and she’s got a good backside,” Kisa told Showbiz on Thursday.

“When people compliment me on my assets as such, it makes me feel comfortable and self-assured,” she added.

On how she maintains her admirable shape and figure, Kisa says she always works out at the gym. “I work-out a lot and my trainer helps me with a regimen that gives special attention to my butt, tummy and hips, hence my curvy shape and flat tummy,” she said.

The young actress doubles as a musician and has released a controversial video to her single, Twerk which is currently enjoying some airplay.

A relatively newcomer to Ghana’s movie circles, Kisa Gbekle credits her successful take-off to celebrated producer Abdul Salam of Venus Films.

“I worked as a secretary at Abdul Salam’s Venus Films and through that, I featured in a couple of movies he produced,” she said.

“From there movie director, Pascal Amanfo also cast me in some of his movies and I’ve also been fortunate to work with director John Izedonmi who also featured me in Stand By Me.”

According to the “confident and free’” actress, she’s been very fortunate to have met the right people on her way to the top and cites that for her relatively quick rise in the industry.

“I’ve been in the industry for only about 18 months and my experience has been good so far because I met the right people”.

Thus far, movies Kisa has featured in, include ‘Accra Runs’, ‘8PM’, ‘The Will’, ‘Accra Hustler’ and ‘The Miser TV series’.

Kisa started acting in secondary school in various stage dramas and according to her, she always came out as the best actress in such school programmes.

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