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Let’s QUICKIEly look at the 10 unbridled joy spots… from ‘inside the car’ to the ‘motor park’, and number nine may shock your marrows

If truly we find love in strange places, it shouldn’t be a bad thing to make love in some weird places too. When we talk about ‘konji’, it can tickle one anywhere you don’t expect and at that point one just want to release the tension and be free in this life. Furthermore, where do you attend to nature when ‘konji’ comes calling and babe is with you?

Ytainment News’ Kweku Suantah has ten places in mind and he is going to share with us some of the places one can have an amazing QUICKIE…


  1. RESTROOM: Quickiein the toilet is always amazing with less stress. All you need to do is push the skirt of babe, up and if she’s wearing trousers pull it down then you are good to go. You can place her back on the wall and raise one of her legs up for easy penetration. Doggie style is also achievable.


  1. KITCHEN: As a guy, you wake up early in the morning and enter kitchen to pick something, you then see babe in a mini gown – then your head spins; brother, you don’t have to make things long, you can do it sharp sharp there in the kitchen. You can clear one part of the kitchen table or let her sit on top of fridge, table or anything available for the ‘go’.


  1. BACKYARD: Sometimes, it happens that you and your babe might need to jam-jam but the whole house is crowded and busy. You don’t need to think too much on what to do, head straight to the backyard. It’s a QUICKIE, so you have to have that at the back of your head and not waste a whole year –

before anyone would notice, you’re done.


  1. INSIDE THE CAR: Quickie inside the car is always interesting but don’t try it if your car shock absorber is not good. The easiest place to do it inside car is the driver’s seat. Pull the chair to the back and let her come on top and ride. The other seat in front too could be an option, that’s if the backseat is occupied with things.


  1. MOTOR PARK: If there is a place in your area where plenty cars are packed, you can take your babe there for a smart QUICKIE. If you must do it at a motor park, it has to be in the night where all the car owners must have gone home.


  1. INSIDE OFFICE: If you have an office or you went to her office, you can quickly run a quickie if there is no CCTV camera there. All you need to do is to clear the office table, zip down and the rest would be history. Before I forget, lock the door and close the cotton bind before you start.


  1. INSIDE BUSH: A nearby bush might be another best option for QUICKIE. Even if it is a cassava farm, cocoyam farm or any farm at all, all you need – some bundles of leafs you can spread on the floor.


  1. UNCOMPLETED BUILDING: QUICKIE in an uncompleted building is always sweet. If you know that you have no spare room at that particular moment babe says she is in the mood, my dear stylishly take a stroll with her, make sure your eyes are on the look for a building that isn’t completed and then may the good Lord be thy watchman.


  1. SWIMMING POOL: You think this is weird? Only the smart ones know how to do it inside swimming pool. You and your babe will pretend as if you guys are playing but deep down something is touching something. But with this particular initiative, if you decide at any point to ‘pull out’, just be ready to answer the question, “whose sperms are this for Christ’s sake?”


  1. CINEMA ROOM: QUICKIE in a cinema room is very possible. You just need to make sure you and your babe are sitting at the extreme back and pray that the Light Man doesn’t make the mistake of switching on the lights during your ‘doing’.


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