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Limitless EFYA gives Kiki Banson “goose bumps” ahead of the December 18th GIRL TALK Concert


EFYA: Gingam Too Much

With just few hours ticking on the clock ahead of the much anticipated 2015 EFYA GIRL TALK Concert slated for the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana, from 8pm; something interesting has gingered the entire atmosphere into bliss.

The show producer and head of EKB Records, Kiki Banson has come out publicly to say that his artist for this year’s concert has given him “goose bumps”, after three solid weeks of intense rehearsals.

He made this statement on his Facebook platform that he was so delighted knowing very well that the brand whom he was directing wasn’t a stroke of luck.

Mr. Banson went on to tip-off that contrary to the general perception out there, he can, “confidently say that the very core of Efya’s musicianship and artistry is yet to be discovered”.

“I never thought an artist I am directing, could be so limitless…It is a rare feeling”, he summed.

For all those who know the “Gingam Too Much” crooner, you will agree with Kiki, (yourself and us) that she is blessed. She is adventurous, bold and daring. She has that universal touch with a strong taste of distinctly African flavor in all her songs.

With much said about the night-in-waiting, we just have to keep our fingers crossed and come with our expectations knowing well that EFYA will rewrite the Pandora’s Box history but this time adding references to the story line and leaving all Thomases to muse…soon afterwards.

Kiki on Efya

…In Kiki Banson’s own words about Efya

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