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Living a Healthy Life is necessary, so let’s play the VITAMILK KING / QUEEN OF HEALTH Competition

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The Kings

The Vitamilk King/Queen of health is a social media competition (Instagram and Facebook). The main aim is to award people living a healthy life. The competition will run for 6 weeks, starting 26th May 2017.

This competition seeks to find that male/female that possesses all the qualities that make up today’s well rounded, active and health conscious person.

The entry to the competition was opened to the general public but 16 contestants were selected from the lot. The 16 contestants consist of 8 ladies and 8 gentlemen.

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The Queens

The contestants will be given tasks every now and then. There will be eviction every other week. The factors that will be taken into consideration before the eviction will be 1. How well the contestants perform the given tasks 2. How quality and authentic their submissions are 3. How enthusiastic they are about the competition as a whole. 4. How much they’re loved by the people on social media. 5. How active they are on social media.

Since this competition is all about that healthy lifestyle, we selected two very health conscious people to be our judges.

vitamilk 3 judgeSammy Forson

Sammy Forson is a health/weight loss enthusiast. He is an award winning Radio Hos and DJ. He is also a motivator.

vitamilk 4 judge

Victoria Michaels

Victoria Michaels, an award winning top model, is our second judge. Victoria is also a health enthusiast and a social change advocate.

The winner of this competition will win an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa.

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