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Magical EFYA didn’t just rock her ‘gingams’; she gave them goose bumps @ the GIRL TALK Concert



Efya showed confident artistry on the night

“Efya didn’t just rock me, she actually gave me goose bumps”, this was what one of the attendants told us after an electrifying time at the 18th of December, 2015, GIRL TALK CONCERT at the National Theatre, Accra, Ghana.

The atmosphere came alive with delighted performances, interesting showmanship and confident artistry. Arguably, after what happened, we can say that there was truly an experience that will be remembered in a long while. After three solid weeks of intense rehearsal, it was obvious that fretfulness, excuses and blip were not going to have any room – so EFYA and her team were optimistic.

Amid the different churns that the ‘Best in Me’ crooner performed, she showed that she is a technically-minded performer; so, she didn’t invent something new but rather transported a message that already existed – with a driven purpose. As an artistically sensitive songstress that she is, she went all out to make a strong connection between herself and her audience – she did inspire.

Though there were uncertainties from across the country, “whether or not Efya would do well? Whether or not she would be able to fill the ‘big shoes’ of her predecessor? Whether or not the public would accept the ‘change’ of brand?” But the answer was to be answered on stage. We knew (or had a feeling to) what the answer was going to be, because Mr. Kiki Banson (the show producer) had already told the world via his social media platform what to expect a day before the night that nothing short of brilliance was expected. He has done it over the years with different brands.

Kiki has constantly made it clear that good art is a talent, good technique is a skill. He simply made us all understand that some famous musicians seem to be born and blessed with a great artistic ability. However, you do not have to be a great artist with a huge personality from birth to be a good musician. Sometimes you just need to achieve the goals of the performance. Furthermore, he pinched that authority comes from the inside out. Those with the most authority onstage have developed a belief system and wrestled with themselves, coming to the conclusion that this is their calling in life.

Technically, the production team was spotlessly clean and impressive. Wildly, they made their backstage coordination interpretative on the performances. The entire night was as a result of the zeal towards a common ground of greatness – which is a matter of taste as well. Because we were everywhere (including the backstage) taking notes, the message that we learnt and would like to pass on to other event organizers and aspiring artists that want to have such concerts – remember that artistic interpretations inspire, technical virtuosity motivates.

We must report that there was a point during her performance, when Efya wept! Apparently, she was inspired by both the song she was rendering at that point and the accepting gingams that came all out to applaud her confidence, authority, and charisma on a memorable timeout.

Efya’s limitless tendency made it a ‘gingam too much’ pack…but it must be said that she adeptly had the full support of Afia Schwarzenegger, Joey B, Pappy Kojo, Sarkodie, MzVee, Selly Galley, Ahuofe Patri, Tiffany, Joe Mettle, amongst others.

The singing-goddess made the night look satisfactory, but for all those who couldn’t attend and appreciate it like a bowl of Apapransa; Efya brought both artistry and virtuosity in one endless fascination defining her stances as one of the female greats from Ghana.

In a nutshell, she had no one to please, she had to just show her worth, caliber and command when she was called given the mantle, and she made it as simple as ABC. In accordance with our prediction that after the night, Efya was going to rewrite the Pandora’s Box history, adding references to the story line and leaving all nonbelievers to reflect…she didn’t disappoint!

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