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Musician Gladys Owusu: The church is best place to learn music

Many musicians started their careers from the Church and for Gospel artiste, Gladys Owusu, that should be the case because the church is the best place for an artiste to hone his or her talent.

According to her, the church gives artistes the opportunity to learn the basics of music including playing any kind of instrument.

“Gospel musicians are always best when it comes to live performances because they are always rehearsing and that starts from choir rehearsals. There is always a music teacher or choir leader who grooms these musicians to better their craft.

“I always tell any musician to start from the church if he or she wants to be successful in the future. It is not surprising most of the good musicians started from the church,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Gladys Owusu, who doubles as a pastor at True Light Worship Centre at Dansoman, Accra is promoting her latest song Mogya Kronkron featuring Celestine Donkor, produced by her husband Apostle Emmanuel Obiri Takyi.

On the song, she praises God for all the wonderful things He has done for her and encourages anyone who has lost hope to trust in the Lord, whose timing is always perfect.

Celestine Donkor comes in on the second verse to emphasis what Gladys says; singing in Ewe, Celestine Donkor says that if God has been able to save her from troubles, then He can equally save anyone who is in a dire situation.

Gladys told Graphic Showbiz that Mogya Kronkron is a true story about the hardship and difficulty she went through before God’s intervention in her situation.

“My dad was so poor that sometimes what to eat was a problem but everything is fine by the Grace of God. I want to tell everyone that God can do anything when He wants to and no one can challenge that,” she said.

Gladys Owusu has other songs such as Onyame Fata Ayeyi, Power is the Blood, Emmrane and )nokwafo.

Source: Kofi Duah, Graphic.com.gh

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