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MUST SEE: Michael Essien, Okra Tom Dawidi & Jay collaborate in: “I CAN’T SEE”

YungMicKing ft Okra (1)

Michael Essien (aka YungMicKing) & Okra Tom Dawidi

Michael Essien popularly known as YMK is one of the new kids on the bloc who has decided to come to you with his exciting style which can be felt on his latest collaboration with one of Ghana’s finest, Okra Tom Dawidi with beautiful support from Jay Quayson.

Their collaborative effort with much weight coming from KAAF University entrant can be felt through their creative deliveries which have left music enthusiasts to predict this song as ‘the next big thing’.

“I Can’t See” can be felt as one of the future of the new African music trend with lovely rhythm from a creative perspective.

It is a smiling upbeat groove and whether you’re a highlife, hip life fan or not, you got to appreciate the dopeness of this track.

With Essien’s punch lines and creative deliveries in the song, it sums up his impressive maturity which has left music enthusiasts to come to terms that he has been honing his craft for years.

Call the song ‘infectious’ and you will not be wrong because that’s the only word that best describes the effort of Ephraim Musiq who produced the beat, as well as Nazeer who directed the video.

Enjoy the brand new offering by CLICKING HERE TO WATCH

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