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“My first major red carpet appearance was surreal”, NIKKI SAMONAS tells us


NIKKing it like no man’s business

NIKKI SAMONAS is one of the sweethearts you cannot stop watching on your television screens, week in, week out, because she poses that charm that will keep you glued to pure acting. She has paid her dues in the industry she loves to guard with love as she makes us understand that he fans her dear to her, thus, she will give her all. Recently, we caught up with the actress who opened up that she has been working on the ‘comedy’ side of things in regards to her forth coming project which will leave everyone spellbound. Nikki has starred in couple of movies which has won awards, movies which her fellow casts afterwards speak highly of her impeccable deliveries and so on; she has and always gives her best whenever she is called upon to bring that spark. She opened to us also that the experiences of life has taught her so much through perseverance  

Hello Nikki, it’s being a while since we heard from you; what have you been doing?

I have always had a job whiles acting. And that’s what I am still living by. I am working in a production house.

Tell us what kind of home do you come from?

I come from a Ghana and Greek background. My mum is Ghanaian and dad is Greek. I have been a mother’s love all through. My dad was too busy with work and was hardly around. So I come from a Ghanaian home – a typical Ashanti home.

You have had real tough times growing up, talk to us about some of the experiences that have rather sharpened you for greatness?

I would say experiences have taught me a lot. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. I would say being in the university gave me a broad understanding of life. In my perspective i was surviving with my own perseverance. My mother did her part with tremendous support and I followed suit. In the university I was all alone and had to fend for myself. And that’s where life hits you. Learning to cope with school and surviving at the same time. I used to work and school in order to keep that balance.

Movie has been slow in Ghana and thus it has been hard to see more of you, has it hampered you in anyway?

No. We are working on some new stuff, so we have our time fixed on so many projects right now

How would you express how you feel now that your dream has finally come to pass as an actress?

I’ve had lots of dreams. And acting was not one. I believe acting was Gods dream for me. I am overwhelmed with this career and I feel blessed to be acting.

We recently gathered that you working on a new production that would blow your fans’ minds off, would you kindly walk us through it

With time I would reveal the details of this production. But for a tease, it’s a comedy piece.

Aside gaining grounds in Ghana are there plans of taking your passion back to Liberia and help the industry there grow?

I do have plans of getting to Liberia. I feel i can involve myself in entertainment in their world. I am so excited to try that because Liberians just like Ghanaians love entertainment. And I can’t wait to contribute my quota in making Liberia an entertaining place.

Let us talk about your low moments so far coming into this showbiz world?

Low moments I would say is the slow progression of the industry now. And that has affected the outcome of the growth of the industry. I cannot pin point exactly what the cause is but I hope that the industry rises up to its formal glory where actors’ movies and industry players made lots of waves and news all around West Africa.

Take it or not, you are a brand worth celebrating, we would like to know if suddenly you have new-found friends now that you are on your height of success?

We always meet people at various points in our lives. And I would say I keep meeting friends every now and then. And I do try to keep up with the saying “make new friends but keep them all, one is silver and the other is gold”.

What do you live by and what message do you have for those in challenging situations as someone who has gone down that lane before? 

I live by the notion that i have to work towards what I believe in. And with perseverance and Gods eminent Will, I will get there.  We will get challenged at some point in our lives but we have to be strong and stay positive and like I said before experiences will shape you to be a better person. Just believe.

Tell us how you felt when you were on your first major red carpet event as an invited guest?

I was pretty anxious. I couldn’t believe I had made it on to a carpet… The experience was surreal. I felt great.

Aside TV that we see your pretty face, how do you unwind in your privacy?

I love watching movies, i do love to swim and share jokes with friends. I also love dancing salsa.

Anyone special in your life right now?

I am not single. But i always do try to keep my relationship private. And I would love that it stays that way. I believe that aspect of my private life should stay with me alone. With time maybe, I wouldd let the public know. But until then I would love to enjoy this moment with family.

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