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‘New Queen’, ‘Old Crown’, MISS GHANA Brand takes a Garnishing Twist with some sort of Aromatic Balletic Features to Ruminate upon

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Things are not the same inside the Miss Ghana house. In the past few weeks, different turns have taken different twists, different sagas have made some of us wondered, pondered and now wandering for help on their behalf before, water-pass-garri.

Before we go to the main koko, we heard and have seen a ‘new queen’ with the ‘old crown’. Delali Kemavor according to an insider, is no longer the Miss Ghana title holder. Her reign obviously should have ended in November 2016, so it is in order that she has come to the end of the journey with the Miss Ghana brand; but as to if we can tell the head and tail on how Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi (Delali’s runner up) is now the current Miss Ghana – that’s another story that the gods will have to grab a jar of palm wine and narrate.

According to our insider, “there are more straightening to be done, there are more purification to be embarked on, there are more that you don’t see from the outside.”

As the case may be, there are few questions to be asked before we delve into the main, the main gist (which may take like forever but for now)…

  • (1) What really transpired between the organizers and Ms. Delali Kemavor after her win as Miss Ghana 2015, then at the Miss World and then when they came back Ghana?
  • (2) What is Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi representing the brand as – is it as Miss Ghana 2015 or as Miss Ghana 2016? Because if we remember so well, when Giuseppina fell out of Inna Patty’s book, she somehow still retained her 2013 crown, whilst her first runner up, Nadia was made the 2014 winner – so it’s fair we ask this.
  • (3) Why was there no Miss Ghana 2016 and all of sudden we have a new supposed Miss Ghana in person of Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi wearing the crown of the old Miss Ghana in person of Delali Kemavor?
  • (4) As it stands now, is the organizer ready to give Ghanaians a befitting Miss Ghana @ 60 celebrations?

More soon…

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  1. I just started following the Miss Ghana after the art concluded Miss Ghana 2017 and I discovered it was the 1st runner up of 2015 that handed over the crown to Miss Ghana. It got me wondering though. However thanks to you, finally I’ve seen from your article that there was no Miss Ghana 2016. Still wondering what transpired and all.

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