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No longer a hidden gist…as YVONNE NELSON soon to become a Mother


Yvonne Nelson

Soon the global party would set the bubbles giggling, writers of headlines would be glued to their screens, scribbling and asking more questions than ever because one of Ghana’s screen goddesses, Yvonne the daughter of Nelson is on the verge of enjoying being a MOTHER! Over seven (7) joyous months have already rolled, so mother care brands, seize the opportunity and sign her as an ambassador – sisi is loved, she would sell!

To naysayers, frown not and dry your tears because soon the long-legged-sisi would be full with unbridled, undiluted, unbelievable joy of motherhood. To those who did not see this pregnancy coming – you are not God!

And to sceptics who have laughed in the face of logic, make sense of it now because the forthcoming baby is reported to be for an oyinbo-man (name withheld).

Once again, congratulations and happy pregnancy state Yvonne.

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