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OBSESSION: After ‘Cockpit’, Lynx Entertainment adds a Modeling Agency to their already apt ‘keyboard’

Lynx Entertainment has launched its modeling agency, Obsession, at the plush Cockpit Bar and Lounge inside the Achimota Mall. The event saw performances by KiDi and Kuami Eugene as they thrilled the crowd with the acoustic versions of some of their hit songs.

Obsession modeling agency is an agency that aims to revolutionize the modeling industry by churning out supermodels known for their beauty, confidence, professionalism, as well as their recognizable brands.

Owned by Lynx Entertainment and managed by experienced and seasoned models, Obsession aims to combine the best of branding with the best training possible, to turn each model into a star across the world.

The agency has 3 levels of models:

Obsession Lite, which is the entry-level and describes the model with raw talent and potential

Obsession Pro, which describes the professional model ready to execute any job to perfection

Obsession Star, which describes the model who has earned respect in the industry with their works, and has a popular brand.

This piece & photos were sent in by Pep Junia for Ytainment

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