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OLAMIDE’s Desire to Achieve: Event Falcon Boss Opens Up for the First Time about Her Awards Scheme

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Edith Olamide Sedi is a Nigerian born who lives and work in Ghana. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Event Falcon, an event company which annually sees to the successfully hosting of ‘Falcon Awards’, ‘Active and Health Women’, ‘Laugh It Out’ and the ‘Falcon Thanksgiving’. Born and bred in Ogun State of Nigeria, then schooled in both Nigeria and Ghana; the warmth and breeze of both countries have enthused the ‘big heart’ today. During this interview with us, she warmly told us that her passion to see others (clients) happy, a reputation to enhance and the desire to achieve everything she lays her mind on – are the driving forces that tickles her each day. Eloquent as she is, one thing we noted was that Olamide wants to leave a legacy for other young ladies like her, one that would be worth celebrated like a fabric of a building. This exclusive was done by our Editor in Accra. Enjoy…

Hello Olamide, congratulations on your just concluded event, the Falcons Awards – tell us all that went into this event.

I will say adequate planning, money, time, manpower and God was the backbone of everything and he made it happen.

Tell us how you got into event organizing, your upbringing and so much about yourself.

Event planning has always been part of me, but it started as a profession for me last year, when an event planner came to me for an idea on an event he was paid to plan. And that hint I gave him made the program a huge success. So I told myself Girl! This is what you have got in you “go for it” and tadda!!! I’m here.

 Olamide, 2017 started for some people on a very high note, has that been same case for you when you look at the way the year started?

This is the sixth month, so we still have time, but trust me that this year didn’t start so nice for me, it was difficult and challenging, I had plans from the previous year and bringing it into a reality without cash (capital or sponsors) made it more.

Aside Falcon Awards, you organize other events, why did you decide to go into other ventures?

Yes first of all Event Falcon is the big umbrella, under it are other events; ‘Falcon Awards’ is one of them, the ‘Active and Health Women’ is one of them and this is a way of giving back to the our society, we educate women about their health, run some screaming and also give free treatment and referrals. And then we have ‘Laugh It Out’ – a night of comedy and music. The ‘Falcon Thanksgiving’ program too is coming up and so much more. We just have a lot on our plate, but we are taking them one after a time.

Did schooling and residing in Ghana for a long time help your adaptation to the terrain?

Yes it did, getting to live with Ghanaians helped and is still helping me in adapting to their culture. I eat their food and do so much more and I must say that, Ghanaians are wonderful people, very hospitable and accommodating.

As a young entrepreneur, how has the journey been and is still is in regards to the whole idea creation and putting them into materialization like for you?

I believe everyone has a unique idea yeah but as a young entrepreneur it has not been easy but it’s been God and like I said earlier, my self-determination is so strong that when my mind is set at something, I don’t rest until it’s brought to reality.

As a young lady, what is that passion that drives you and how far do you think you have come?

Organizing is part of me, I love to make things happen at its best, I am happy when my clients have their dream about their events come to reality with or through my planning and when my clients are happy then I am happy, so it’s normal if I make myself happy by making them happy. Having an effective team makes it wonderful and easy because ‘planning’ itself, is like a team work with different ideas to the success of an event

After school, working as a top corporate brand woman, how has your experience been like?

I still a new babe in this field, so there is more to come, to learn and to achieve for me. My experience has been challenging, very challenging because sometimes I hear people talking about the company even to me, without knowing that am the CEO, it’s really put me at the edge of my seat, because it means I have to work hard for the company’s name not to fall, I intend to go higher and higher with the falcons speed.

Let us talk extensively about what you do from Event, Marketing, Production, Talent management, amongst others; which takes your time most?

Talent management can be very difficult and challenging sometimes, but if you get a talented person and you are determined to see that, that person succeed on the giving field then you just have to give it your all, but sometimes when you are seeing success so clearly in a particular person and the person is not seeing it from your own side of view – it can be difficult.

Still on what you do, do you have one eye on expanding outside Ghana, and do you mind sharing with us?

Yes am looking at taking event falcon outside Ghana, but Ghana is our business home. Just watch out for us because we’ve got a lot coming your way. We just want to see the world smile.

As an event organizer, looking at the Ghanaian entertainment industry in general, what would you say are the highs and lows in the sector that you have gotten into?

Getting sponsors to jump on a dream can be so frustrating. Venues at times are difficult.

Some ladies cry that there are no jobs out there for them, thus, they indulge in some negative channels which isn’t glorifying, how do you advice such people…plus how would you encourage young and upcoming ladies who seat somewhere and admire your guts, and probably want to be like you

It pain me sometimes when I see some ladies with great potentials go into things that are not glorifying; Olamide is from a humble background but today I’m the CEO of Event Falcon and a partner with OlTee designs in Nigeria. As people would say, “I was not born with a sliver spoon”, mine is, “I was not born with a sliver not even a yellow or white spoon”, but what brought me this far was my determination not to give up on myself and my background and the love of greatness. I promise you that you can do it with the help of God, it’s not easy but with God all things are possible and you can do it through Christ that strengthens you. My dear ladies out there, you are too precious and you deserve the best. And on the young ladies, “who want to be like me”? I don’t know if there is anyone like that but if there is, firstly I will say a big “thank you” for admiring me from afar but you can do it, whatever it is you have set you mind at you can do it just be determined and focused, make sure you go to school if you have the chance to go because education is the key and if you don’t then work hard for your dreams to come to a reality and let God be your foundation, backbone and everything will come easy.

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