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Selly finally opens up on the ‘thing’ around Big J Cartel & Nana Ama McBrown’s neck


Selly is a tough young lady who will not give in to the whims and caprices of mere hearsay. She has steadily risen from nowhere to somewhere, and thus, she can beat her chest boldly and say, “it has been well deserved”.

After chasing her dreams further in the 2013 BBA ‘The Chase’ reality show, she has come out even more stronger than many though she would be casting our minds back to the incident that saw her not win the overall crown because she was a strong contender-if truth be told.

The damsel from Ghana is the popular face on Multi TV’s ‘The Premieres’, a show that talks about everything entertainment and lifestyle as well as premieres never-seen-movies for the first time live on air. Her fan base keeps skyrocketing and this has positioned her on a higher pedestal for potential companies to use her as their brand’s ambassador.

In this interview, City People Magazine caught up with her at her Spintex residence to find out what the year 2015 has for her, and also who would have spoken to Selly Ghalley without mentioning her fiancé-Cartel Big J, a one-time member of the defunct PRAYE group.

We also touched on issues that made star actress Nana Ama McBrown furious and even took to her social media to express her grievances. When we got to this point, a sober Selly shared pain and hinted that procrastination played a huge gab in all this. Amongst this, she told us more exclusive hints we never knew that caused McBrown’s explosion and how she Selly calmed her man into apologizing publicly.

Grab your seat and get ready for more revelation…



Thank you for your time and let us start by saying Happy New Year since we haven’t spoken with you this year, how was the 2014 like for you and what has this new year being like for Selly?

Happy new year to you too City People Magazine. You contributed in making my 2014 satisfactory. When you also nominated me for the most promising actress of the year at the City People’s Entertainment Awards in Nigeria.  In all it was a good year. Economically hard but God took the wheels. 2015 is my one year as a TV host with multimedia and already a nomination at Togo West African Movie Awards for best supporting role this March. It’s a promising year.

Seems you are having a smooth 2015 so far, what have you been up to that has made the year sail smooth for you?

Well the year started good with 3 movie scripts in one month. “The Premieres” which I host on Multi TV is revamped with new exciting segments and more sponsors. And also Togo West African Movie awards is honouring me for my contribution to the Movie industry, which my TV show is all about. It’s just 3 months into the New Year. I am expecting all my priorities for the year to be achieved too.

You are currently one of the hottest hosts on TV with Multimedia in Accra, how did you get that position and why did you turn down other offers if there were any?

I had applied at Multimedia to host a different show and talks were underway then Big Brother Africa came in unexpectedly and I had to go. I came back and a vacancy was still there but for a more challenging show, a live show, Cine Afrik Premieres now called ‘The Premieres’. I have hosted a few shows but not a live show for 2 hours. I auditioned and got the job, 6 months later I was nominated for Most Popular TV show hostess and the show for the most popular TV show of 2014 at the Television Awards Ghana. God is indeed wonderful. Yes I had offers from other TV stations after BBA, even one that wanted to pay me as the official ambassador for the station, but i choose Multimedia because we transmits to 6 African countries and as a star from an African reality show, my fans across Africa can still watch me live and I haven’t regretted my decision.

You are into movies too, and you have acted in couple of productions, how far do you see yourself going this year as far as acting is concern for you?

I won Miss Ghallywood/Goldenwood in 2011 December, new face for the Ghana Movie industry. I shot my lead role movie and about 6 more movies Ghallywood, Nollywood collaborations and nominated for the most promising actress but the passion has never been that intense as it is for me this year. I have built my TV hosting career to a level I think I can also concentrate more on acting too now and be a master of the two. So expect this beautiful face in more movies soon. 

It seems that after the BBA which you participated in, most of your fellow participants are doing well, what magic worked for you all?

The Chase of 2013 has been recorded to be the most viewed and most popular in the history of BBA. I believe the selection of housemates contributes the greater part. We are all young, talented and hungry for success bunch of crazy people brought together and we created a bond even after the show. We inspire, motivate and support each other’s career; that’s why most of us are doing well.



Aside acting, hosting your show, what other things do you do that we don’t know?

I am a radio host as well. Worked with Atlantis radio before all the mega fame. I also Mcee Events and an entrepreneur. Am into beauty and medical products. I help supply medical products to Ghana from a mother company in Nigeria, Biotec laboratories and union cosmetics. I am into distribution and sales of toiletries and body creams. Last year, I partnered with Taries Makeup academy from Nigeria, (sole distributors of Prestige cosmetics in Africa) to hold a workshop in Ghana for professional makeup training. Everyone who knows me knows I cook almost every day. I used to own a popular sharwama fast food joint. I love food and so Selly’s restaurant is work in progress to be open before the end of the year.  I love money. I work hard to make sure I always have.

Your presence on social media is growing and your communication level with your fans is becoming so intimate, what kicked that idea of you getting that close and would you say that it is paying off well for you?

I am very interactive with my fans and followers; it’s a way of acknowledging them. I even thank those who criticize me constructively. In fact many criticized my way of make-up which was true. I was terrible at making up. I took their advice and next thing I held the make-up workshop to also help myself and others who needed to know the art, learn it well.

And sure my fan base is paying off well. I had more students than expected at the makeup workshop when I used my social media to advertise mostly before the print media and blogs. When I advertise for a designer or a product my fans follow up to check it out and purchase. And this is the more reason why celebrities should make sure they are putting out right information out there for their followers.

Your fiancé is also into the limelight, does this by chance offend you when you see his female fans get so close to him and even want more than you can take?

10 years in the music industry and sweeping multiple international and local awards and being so famous and still the best man I’ve ever dated, you can tell then that he sure knows how to handle his female fans even before I have any cause to get jealous. The female fans can have his attention for a minute. I have had his attention for 6 years and counting.

Still on your man, he was recently accused by Nana Ama McBrown as being ‘heartless’ among other names he was called for being not caring when she had her accident, did you feel hurt by such names he was called?

Of course I was. The man I know is very caring, selfless amongst many other great attributes. As he stated in the viral apology letter he wrote to her, procrastination was the cause of what has marred their relationship.

Some of your fans have been torn apart by some of the comments that were made towards your man; do you feel angry at Nana Ama McBrown for her choice of language?

Not at all. I told Cartel BigJ I would have probably acted the same way. She is hurt because they had a great friendship.


Looking at the whole scenario, when this whole drama happened, what did you say to your fiancé to calm him down because we saw him write a lengthy letter of apology to the hurt Nana Ama?

It’s unfortunate this happened and he sincerely feels sorry. He’s a sensitive man. It did take a toll on him. I told him to learn from this and realize that he needs to take his friendship with others as serious as he takes our relationship. We took a trip out of town to calm him down and I encourage him every second without rebuking him for procrastinating, which I so wanted to. I am a strong woman and have his back any day in any situation.

Back to you again, we hear that there are few endorsements coming your way, do you mind sharing with us what Ghanaians and the world should expect in coming months from now from that angle?

I wouldn’t want talk much about that till they are finalized. But yes contracts are being drawn and other talks are underway. Ghanaians and my fans should just keep their fingers crossed and support me as they have.


When are you getting married because we can see that you have an engagement ring on, but when did the proposal come on that it escaped the media?

He proposed two years into our relationship. Before I became very famous too and my career crossed his wedding plans more because we now have to plan a more elegant though simple one than what we would have done years back. You’d be the first to know and splash the wedding pictures, soon.

Talking about marriage, we heard at one point in time that you were pregnant, then later on no news from that surfaced, what really happened or were they just hearsay?

I was never pregnant. I might have eaten a large plate of banku and tilapia that made my tummy look big in one photo which sparked speculations. I wouldn’t want a child out of wedlock. My principle.

Sometimes, when you hear things that are not close to what you know about, how do feel or do you conclude that sometimes, hearsay is a malady?

I wake up in the mornings and think to myself, if my name is goggled what will pop up? That’s like a CV for you so I definitely don’t want any bad fabrications and publicity when am working hard to keep a good image of a brand that will be appealing to potential companies to want to associate with. How I deal with it? Silence. Pay a deaf ear. I am a tough skin. If it’s a truth that has been twisted my management releases a press statement.


Thank you for your time, and we hope to talk with you soon.

Thank you so much for having me too. It’s been wonderful talking with you.

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