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SITSOFE & VINCENT would soon be Guests at their Own Wedding… Because the whole Romance started with ‘Parables’

Sitsofe-and-Vincent 2

Vincent & Sitsofe on their wedding day

When we first heard of the supposed wedding between actor, Vincent McCauley Jr. and actress Sitsofe Tsikor in what was said to be a private ceremony last month; something just didn’t go down well with us from the outside; we did few calculations and added two-and-two together to give us few indications that this may be one of the ‘lies of the year’ that had notable faces present, from Adjetey Anang, Grace Omaboe, Elaine Attoh, et al.

From our findings, this wedding looks too good to be real and having spoken to few friends and loved ones that should know the supposed newly wedded, they seem to be amazed that Vincent could take a lady to the altar without any singular reason of inviting key important presence. To curb the whole drama short, “the wedding may be a drag your feet kind of gimmicks which seems like Sitsofe is pregnant and is in a rush to get our friend to marry her. She never liked the fact that I have always seen nothing good in this relationship. Everything just happened so fast.” A confidant of Vincent told African Entertainment.

To make matters clumsier, few days after the wedding, instead of agreeing to their honeymoon, the lady opted to go for a two months intensive acting course in City Varsity, in South Africa.

Again, we have been made to understand that both of them are trying to play a frenzy game of catch-up so that outsiders wouldn’t “laugh at them”; but as the coming days draw nigh, only time would tell, who were the real guests at their own party.

We shall keep you posted as we get more on this tale.


This piece was written by African Entertainment Ghana Editor

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