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SONIIA’s story of God’s Grace through Gospel Music

Gospel Music is dispensed as soul food.  The presence of mental stress, frustration and uncertainty, means that there’s a huge responsibility on Gospel musicians, to serve wholesome content.
One artiste that believes Gospel music is a medium to reach out to lost souls in a dark world is Soniia Official.  The Lady of God began singing in fellowships over twelve years ago in her local church, however quickly realized the need for the word to travel to different places with the message of hope.

Soniia’s poise to reach many with the message of Grace, has recently birth her first recorded single. The song, “Grace of God” is delivered in Soniia’s tranquil vocals; bringing peace to a troubled heart.

Soniia’s belief is that Gospel music helps to keep Christians connected to God. Her song is meant to play a key role in always reminding all of God’s grace upon their lives.

One thing that stands out is, the uncompromising quality employed in creating a song that brings inspiration and strength to man, while giving glory to the creator. Soniia’s musical experience from singing with a quartet, as a teen is widely displayed.

In her own words, “My New single is all about God’s Grace upon my life. God became my father when there was none, as I went through hard rocks and survived. I wanted to share the love I felt when I was between life and death, and Grace breathes life into my soul. Where I am right now, is totally by God’s grace and I want to share that.”

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