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Uncle KOFI has BUCK-et-NOR…and we are going to miss his charisma

Kofi Bucknor gone

Uncle Kofi Bucknor died at the age of 64

Accra based radio station, Starr FM, broke the news first, that veteran Ghanaian actor, KOFI BUCKNOR, has gone to be with his Maker on the other side. According to reports, he kicked the bucket in the early hours of Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

He was sixty-four (64), and young-at-heart.

The cause of his demise has not yet been made public by family members, but we have been assured to be the first to disclose the cause to all his esteem fans all over the world.

His charm, lure, charisma were because of his panache on the screens in our homes with scintillating movies such as, ‘Heritage Africa’, ‘Run Baby Run’, ‘Elmina’, ‘Double’, etc..

Uncle Kofi was loved by everyone, thus, we ask that having heard this sad news now, when will his fans shed tears and stop? How will they feel? How will they find the strength after crying-a-river because of the love they had for him, and go to work the next day?

Rest in peace, Uncle Kofi, till we meet someday, sometime.

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