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Uncomfortable time to stretch loyalties…as SELLY GALLEY fires back at ELIKEM in the KOFI ADJORLOLO, Producers & Actors fiasco

With the current movie industry wahala in regards to how (some) actors are always treated by (some) producers – as Kofi Adjorlolo spilled the beans and have since gotten (both positive & negative) responses from every Tom Dick & Harry, with the very recent one coming from Elikem. Fast forward, Selly Galley has asked Elikem to, “Go back and reason hard…”

The not-so-happy TV/Event host in her summation (on her social media page), feels that there are, ‘ass kissers’ who are, “…surely not serious…”

Read the full piece by Selly below…

With all this ridiculous statements from FIPAG on the interview of Mr Kofi Adjorlolo I’ll expect some actors who are “ass kissers” to side with contrary remarks to Mr Adjorlolo’s statement but surely not something like this from you Elikem! You’re surely not serious – At all!

Acting is a profession and MUST PAY the actors and crew just as it pays producers!

We obviously know this industry is full of envy and more. People who think actors should even be content with FAME and not rant over money. 

You Elikem and all others should forget about that day job day job thing.

Day job should be an actor’s own OTHER interest and not forced down the neck. It’s become some sort of a priority because of the challenges we are facing in the industry.

Acting is a Herculean profession with time away from family; partners and children at stake, even life at stake for some stunts. Many days away from home and this kind of profession you do need all the time for yourself to rest and recover and be productive skillfully. 

You’re allowed to even sleep at home after a stressful good job. Invest your money whiles it grows for you, sleep and recover your strength and wait on the next job! People are dying from health issues. Junk food on set. Multi-tasking. Many sleepless hours shooting into late hours with no rest! This is a tough job!  

An artiste and crew should be able to make enough money from their profession in other to use as capital for any other interests.

This statements make the industry look like it’s a 2nd option of a job meanwhile it’s a very lucrative industry if structures are in place. Not to talk of the favors we get as TV personalities, we can’t deny that. You’re blessed to be skillful in tailoring but others are 100% blessed with acting and nothing else!

Go back and reason hard!”


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