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When a Counselor goes ‘SHATTA’… Lutterodt says that the battering of Michy by Wale is (was) ‘heavenly’ – video!


Controversial Counsellor, Reverend George Lutterodt has leaped to the defense of maltreated spouse and baby mama to dancehall artiste Shatta wale, Shatta Michy.

Speaking to BreakFast Live host, Nikki Samonas on the subject “Is marriage or cohabitation, grounds for abuse?” a passionate and comical Reverend Lutterodt stated that the ongoing verbal & physical abuse of Shatta Michy by Shatta Wale is justified however this might be the trigger to push the entrepreneur, musician and actress away from singer.

“There is grounds for the beating Shatta Wale is giving Shatta Michy, its justified!!! She deserves it!!! She deserves it!!! It makes me angry that when you see Shatta Michy standing, there is everything about her that every man will be attracted to. What at all pushes her to go and seat in the house of Shatta Wale not as wife but as a baby mama?” he quizzed.

“Why do you degrade yourself to that level? When you are beating then you can come and show yourself on social media. It’s a shame and disgrace. I think this is what will cause Michy to evacuate and uproot herself from that cage. To me she deserves somebody better.”

According to Counsellor, Shatta Michy must be blamed for her relationship woes as she has cohabitated with the dancehall act for far too long; “Michy has started staying with Shatta when she was 16-years, so if you can live with the guy at 16 and up to date he doesn’t see the value of putting a ring on your finger and making you a wife then you shouldn’t say you’re tired now.

Why is she not reporting Shatta Wale to be arrested? He questioned.

The two have a son, Majesty who many tip to be a music star in the future.

It would be recalled that Shatta Wale and longtime sweetheart Shatta Michy have been at each other’s throat in the past few days on social media over a matter that is quit unclear and unknown the public.

The dancehall artiste alleged that his baby Mama, hit him in the presence of her mother and chased him with a knife However, in a quick rebuttal on her Facebook page, Shatta Michy debunked his claim, stating categorically that he [Shatta Wale] slapped her.

The two have worked on single Low Tempo released in 2017.

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