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Yasmin of The ABS Show tells us how her Xmas is about to be celebrated in Ghana



Yasmin Esi Kokua Sangari, CEO of Sugarkoated.com an online fashion boutique for women and one-quarter host of the mouthwatering YouTube show – The ABS Show, is in Ghana for the festive season and we got her to talk with us about her involvement with the wave making YouTube concept. Yazzistush as she is fondly called is a Ghanaian-US based model who has a bite into everything entertainment from overwhelming photos shoots, music videos, and magnificent beating faces, among others.

Enjoy her timeout with us…

One of the episodes of The ABS Show with Yasmin as one of the hosts

Hello Yasmin, welcome to Ghana and Merry Christmas to you; how are you celebrating this year’s?

Celebrating with my family in Ghana. And also will be partying at Soho all night on the 25th!

You frequent Ghana a lot, how has this recent visit been for you?

Good. I’ve been busy with Sugarkoated because all the girls are shopping and getting ready for Xmas. And of course the media has also kept me busy.

We gathered that you are in Ghana for the media promotion of a new YouTube show which you co-host with three other beautiful faces; talk to us about it.

Yes, I’m on this show called the ABS SHOW where we talk about everything. We don’t hold anything back. If it’s trending we talk about it from politics to who is sleeping with who.

So far, has The ABS Show gotten any ‘attack’ from any of the celebrities you discuss about?

From the actual celebrity no but the fans omg they are like mosquitoes. They don’t play and they come and leave very disgusting comments, like someone once said, I “…was evil”

We were reading some comments on the YouTube channel, some were really harsh at the presenters – does this get to you and how do you manage the situation (be it positive or negative)?

I look and I laugh most of the other presenters don’t even read the comments. But me I have thick skin so I read and laugh. It’s a show and we have to do our jobs so whether the fans like us or not is irrelevant we have to keep going and give the people what they want.

We cannot end this without talking about the other 3/4 of the hosts on The ABS Show – how are they doing?

They are doing great – IV is in Nigeria for Xmas and the remaining guys are back in New York. They are missing out.

Tell us more about the parent umbrella, MinaTV.

Mina TV is an amazing channel. The shows on there are just really good. They are funny entertaining and very interesting. There a show about stylish Africans. The millennials which is one of my favorite shows.

How is your modeling career and your online boutique (SugarKoated) doing?

So far so good I actually just signed a new ambassador role that I’m very excited about here in Ghana. But I can’t tell you guys the company yet. Sugarkoated is doing well all the finest girls are wearing Sugarkoated this Xmas!!

We also remember that you featured in Yvonne Nelson’s season 1 of ‘Heels and Sneakers’, how was your acting experience like?

It was great! You know it was my first time acting and even the crew was so impressed with how easy and natural it all came to me. It was a good fun set the others really made it comfortable for me.

Since then have you tried your hands on any other role?

Yes, I have other projects coming up with some of the best actors in Ghana but I can’t say yet unless the project is released. But how about I come back when it’s aiming out and bring you guys all the juicy gists firsthand.

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