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You will agree with us that everyone has a story but Emeka’s ‘ZOMBIE STORY’ has just hit the ‘wow’ factor…in this must listen melody

You will agree with Ytainment News that everyone has a story but Misfit Original Music signee, Emeka’s ‘ZOMBIE STORY’ has just hit the ‘wow’ factor, for its distinctive danceable rhythmic flow which will forcibly make you want to dance throughout the rest of the year. Undeniably, his brilliance since his entry into the industry cannot be questioned. The single is a follow up to his ‘Medo Magic’ which was released in 2018 as a commercial song theme for Ghandour Cosmetics latest pocket-sized perfume ‘MED’.

Produced by DatBeatGod (who is responsible for multiple hits in 2018 one of them being Kidi’s ‘Adiepena’), ‘Zombie Story’ from our findings is a tell-tale kind of Afro-beat and Afro-pop laid back harmony with an enjoyable rhythm and storytelling scenarios from excerpts in his visibly now transformed life.

Furthermore, let’s communicate to the readers before they listen to the melody, that in a world where it’s becoming more difficult to stand out positively and thus conformity is forcibly preached and adapted even in negative circumstances, we are reminded not to become Zombies to the system or stereotypes, to live and let live and hopefully reflect on the days of old when life was learned through the stories of our elders usually under the mango tree.

For many who will be wondering and pondering, “Who is this EMEKA?”

He is a Ghanaian based Igbo boy who started as a television presenter on the reboot of a Ghanaian 90’s hit entertainment show ‘Smash TV’ in 2015 and later also the Host of Playlist LIVE both on METRO TV Ghana. Fast forward, he left television to pursue academics and earned a Diploma in Communication Studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism and have since commenced with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Relations) currently on-going, in same school.

He is inspired by the musical journey of icons and legends like Fela, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson; above all, he aspires to write and perform music that cuts across all musical spectrum, genre, category, and race. But for now, his sound is fun, trendy and feels good.  A mix that taps into Africa’s reining Afro – Pop/RnB/Beat genre but quickly becoming the new global sound.

Enough of the persona, Emeka and be reminded that ‘ZOMBIE STORY’ is a beautiful song, good vibe; and whether you’re a music lover or not, you’ve got to appreciate this particular one…when it finally drops on the 6th of March, 2019.

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