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YTAINMENT ‘19’ PEOPLE TO WATCH IN ’19: On the hills and soaring…the story of MARIAN SAMA FLETCHER

Marian Sama Fletcher is an emerging Ghanaian fashion designer who represents luxurious fashion for classic yet stylish women – and as a brand, she can be best described as someone who always strives to achieve the highest standard in whatever she chooses to do towards her creativity. She has a unique sense of style that influences her creative process which is a non-stop state of evolution as a designer.

She hails from Apam in the Central Region of Ghana; however she was born in Accra to a family of seven. Her interest in Arts started at such a young age even though she cannot pinpoint the very moment she felt the thrill of being part of the creative industry. This interest fueled her drive to study visual arts in Mfantsiman Girls Senior High School in the Central region. She was by nature curious about fashion as a form of art. During those years, she ventured different aspects of arts and design. Even though she had an uncanny interest in fashion; she had not taken up the mantle to pursue it wholeheartedly. After high school, she started making clothes she had always envisioned through the years – this untimely grew her passion for the fashion industry.

In 2012, she enrolled in Radford University College to pursue a degree program in fashion design. It was inspiring and fulfilling to be surrounded by so much unique talents and individuals who share the same passion she had. “It was fascinating to witness the endless opportunities for people to choose from when presenting themselves to the world.” She told Ytainment News.

There are a number of things that inspire her but the ultimate of it all is the idea of turning imagination into reality and through that she can allow people to take part in what goes on in her mind. Sama Fletchers’s environment plays a key role in her inspiration as a designer;

“I am deeply inspired by details in architecture. This concept heavily influenced my ‘ZINGLY’ collection which was debuted at the Radford University graduate show 2016 and was since then showcased at other shows such as Glitz Africa fashion week 2016, Ghana fashion week 2016, Mercedes Benz Auto launch 2016 and most recently the queens and bikes collection at the fuse it 2.0 event organized by the Netherlands embassy in April 2018.” She added.

In the near future, she looks forward to transferring her knowledge, experiences and skills to upcoming design students who exhibit the desire to be successful in the fashion industry and to collaborate with someone who has the same vision and passion.


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