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2017 International Women’s Day celebration in Ghana gets boost as ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ heads for the history books

The 2017 international women’s day in Africa will be marked with AFRICAN WOMEN INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE, an educative society event being put together by All Africa Media Network (AAMN) and Society for Social Right and Civic Literacy scheduled for 8th of March at Accra International conference center Ghana. The first lady of the Republic of Ghana, Her Excellency Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo is hopefully expected to chair the occasion.

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Queen Diambi Muata, The Monarch of Bakwai Indu people in Congo DRC

“UNESCO considers gender issues an important dimension in its operations and will participate in the dialogue.” Mr. Tirso Dos Santos Mission Director UNESCO Ghana confirmed UNESCO participation at the dialogue.

Insights and reflections on the theme of the dialogue, “Culture and Underdevelopment of Women” are expected to come from the academic world, international development agencies, women in politics, diplomats and civil society leaders, who will engage certain religious beliefs and cultural practices which innocently condone acts now recognized as violent to women and linked to their underdevelopment, in order to  create a new inclusive and harmonic path towards total  empowerment and socio-cultural liberation of the African woman and girl child.

In a media chat with the organizers of the event, the confirmed speakers at the dialogue elaborations were made on the need for the dialogue; Cookie Iwuoha, program coordinator for AAMN, said, “It is a fact that gender discrimination in Africa is deeply rooted in the ethnic traditions, cultural practices, supported by archaic laws in ancient religious texts that has formed the socio-religious belief of many in the recent times, and African women compliance to some of these acts , are making it tough for the trend to change.”

“In Africa almost all culture-values perceive women as inferior to men, domestic violence on women are seen as family issues and are mostly not heard in law courts or tried by civil laws, most times they are forcefully married out at tender age and denied their rights to education, and circumcised to tame and deny them sexual pleasure, gender equity has been an ongoing battle, and will continue to be throughout this.” Imahkus Ababio, Matron of AAMN added.

”It is vital to identify practices that are harmful and that are not indigenous to African people and traditional cultures. One such practice is the excision of female genitalia this practice has been falsely attributed as being of African Origin while it makes no sense according to African belief systems to mutilate women, I will do all I can to bring light into our consciousness about this somber and cruel practice, May our ancestors inspire us and open our hearts and mind to receive.” Queen Diambi Muata, The Monarch of Bakwai Indu people in Congo DRC hammered.

Prof Phillip Ogbonna Founder of Soren Kierkegaard International Academic society Africa will be presenting the main paper at the dialogue.

Women across the continent are expected at the dialogue, Hajia Gumsu Abacha Fadil from Cameroun, Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio wife of former Military president of Sierra Leone, Iyabolade Yeyefini director International Institute of African studies and Knowledge, USA. Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha, Mrs. Olufunso Amosun, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu, who are wives of the Governors of Imo, Ogun and Abia states in Nigeria respectively are expected. Elder stateswomen – Dr. Amb. Kema Chikwe, Senator Aisha Alhassan Minister of women affairs Nigeria and Senator Oluremi Tinubu are anticipated to lead contingent of Nigerian women in Politics. Protocol, National Chief Imam Ghana, Alhaji Abul Latif Salam affirmed the presence of Sheik Dr Osman Sharubutu Chief Imam of Ghana at the dialogue to enhance diversity of perspectives.

Resolution from the dialogue are to be published in various media platforms, the event itself is to be streamed online on Facebook, to reach a wider number of young African women and  girls, being an all-inclusive event, the men will also learn from the program on the need to adjust their position socially and respect the rights of women. After the dialogue, few women and men contributing to the socio-economic liberation of women in the continent will be honored including Her Excellency Hajia Maryam Abacha, former first lady of Nigeria for her initiative in founding the African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) which its objective includes building the culture of peace and development in Africa. The mission had offered support and services to victims of conflict and had used appropriate mechanisms and institutions to protect women and children in armed conflict countries in the continent.

The AFRICAN WOMEN INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE is supported by City Lights Group and Footprint 2 Africa.

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