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3 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter

One of the purest pleasures of life is traveling. It is a booster for the mind and probably the only time when a person is truly relaxed. Now when I say travel makes you “smarter,” I don’t mean you will all of a sudden going become a genius. But traveling will certainly make you worldlier, force you to think in different perspectives, and help you to embrace unique cultural practices.

Traveling broadens your mind, it will expose you to a whole new environment where you will have to learn to adapt, adjust, and survive.

There are plenty of things you can spend money on that don’t increase your IQ, but travel is one wise investment that pays annual dividends beyond the fun of bragging to your friends about your most recent destinations, Here are ways traveling makes you smarter

You Become Open  Minded- Because of the assimilation of various cultures, you broaden the scope of your understanding of the world around you and of new cultures that are different from yours, you learn to respect people and become a better person. You also become more open-minded due to your enhanced awareness which helps you contribute better to society.

Meet Different Kinds Of Culture – Travelling makes you come across people from different places, cultures, social strata, education, etc. As you meet more people and step out of your familiar zone, you assimilate so much of life from them. You experience new cultures, gastronomic delights and so much more. It is an enriching experience that you incorporate in your own life.

Increased Creativity – As you travel to different places, you come across various beautiful creations, both of nature, as well as that created by mankind. You bring back these experiences with you and consciously or subconsciously, implement the creativity in your own life as well. This enables new ways of thinking and an increased flow of creativity.

This was written by Jolaade Oladimeji – Senior Editor at Ytainment News

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