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9th of July 2021: a time to rejoice because ‘IN BETWEEN US’ – another masterwork from Sparrow Station on the special changing normal that visited mankind 2020…comes to our hearts from Friday

Once again let’s give it up for another one from the hub of one of Africa’s best storyteller, director and producer extraordinaire – Shirley Frimpong-Manso and her able team who have subtlety told the Ghanaian (African) stories as well as come into our homes, offices, churches, mosques, playgrounds etc., with informative, educative and intelligent masterpieces over the years. This time, they are coming to [y]our hearts via Sparrow Station with, ‘IN BETWEEN US’, on Friday, the 9th of July, 2021.

And so, over the weekend, my team and I had the rare privilege to watch this movie and trust us that from our closet, we had a standing ovation all through watching. Believe it or not, the storyline explained what we (in real life) went through in 2020 – the year that the world was shaken by the pandemic which took away lives. The director-superb in same movie told the story of love cum the traumatic state of being during that period.

For many already itching to see the genius storytelling, well, let’s first-of-all gist you that this movie middles on the verge of the global pandemic and how a spirited nurse (played by Lydia Forson) in Ghana prompts her hospital management to prepare ahead, whiles dealing with a new romantic relationship (played by Senanu Gbedawo) that will test her belief in love whiles fighting to stay alive as her city records its first case of the virus and things begin to go terribly awry.

As we always say, making a perfect movie in our today’s world is much harder but how the team at Sparrow Station does it, is always a class act.

Let’s delve into the main-koko from what we noticed about ‘IN BETWEEN US’ – Shirley and her team applied the simple formula of taking charge of the time which some people may say, “what was special about the coming of the pandemic and the pandemic itself?” Everything was, and this movie had everything right!

The script came with sharp, smart dialogues. The characters and plot had this intelligent synchronization which at no point made me or any of my co-viewers sink interest. The director made sure that whoever will see this movie should, would be able to relate to (with), without blinking.

The actors and actresses in this movie gave their 100% in interpreting the script. They all carried the emotional heft from the script into our hearts. We watched actors and actresses who conveyed the message and symbolism without making the whole pandemic situation overbearing.

Another important aspect is the cinematography which we must say was atmospheric emotional from start to finish, as well as the editing was well thought through – when you get to see the movie, applaud them.

You’d agree with us that the soundtrack of a movie tells much about a film, and as students of Performing Arts, our lecturer once told us that songs and the score need to be reflective of the occurring onscreen; just like a quality movie should – this movie brought life.

As you can see, making a quality movie takes a lot of thought and work and that you would see when ‘IN BETWEEN US’ comes out in the 9th of July (this Friday).

Before we go, let’s emphasize on the truth that watching this movie to the end was absolutely worth it, and for the sake of Sparrow Station bringing the world a promising masterpiece and conveying our thoughts on the pandemic in totality, it’s a well-done from all of us and a must watch to all of you!

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