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Abeiku Santana: TAXI DRIVERS are the Best Tourism Ambassadors

It is essential to strengthen the link between commercial drivers and Tourism Marketing and Operations, this will enhance the level of service provided to the tourists at the destination.

Consequently in the past, Abeiku Aggrey Santana, a Destination Marketing Consultant has had positive interactions with taxi drivers across the major cities in Ghana.

He said “Taxi drivers and other commercial vehicle operators can contribute to the growth of tourism in Ghana significantly if they are well informed on the role to play”.

The work of a taxi driver becomes very essential to the tourists when they can give support to them in locating areas and attractions that will make their stay at the destination a wonderful one.

The Managing Director of Kaya Tours Ghana urges the Government Tourism Implementing agencies as well as Destination Management Companies and Attraction Managers to effectively engage commercial drivers in the marketing drive of tourism products of their prospective customers.


This piece was written by: Abeiku Aggrey Santana (Managing Director of Kaya Tours Ghana Ltd)

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