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“Acting alongside my sister has helped my career”, Juliet Ibrahim’s sister, SONIA IBRAHIM


Sonia (L) & Juliet (R)

Juliet Ibrahim is a popular actress in Ghana. But she is also well known in Nigeria because she has been featured in many Nollywood movies. She is usually on locations here in Nigeria. She has an equally pretty sister called Sonia  Ibrahim who is the younger sister of the popular Ghanaian Sexy Actress. Just like her sister, Sonia is a stunning beauty and one of those who rock the Ghollywood industry. Aside the fact that she acts, she is also a Presenter and a Model.   She started her acting career in 2005 when she was given a role by Jake Aernan in a TV series to act alongside her sister, Juliet. Unfortunately, the series never came out. She also got a role to play the younger sister of Majid Michel in the movie ’’crime to Christ’’ but due to certain circumstances beyond her control at the time, she had to back out of the movie. She was nominated for her leading role in the award winning Gollywood film, Number One Fan starring her sister, Juliet at the 2013 Ghana Movie Awards. Last week, Sonia was among the celebrated Ghanaian actresses who stormed Lagos where Nigeria number 1 soft-sell Magazine, City People Magazine held it 6th yearly  Entertainment Award. She stepped in with her  sister, Juliet who was also one of the recipients on the night. While Juliet settled for red short lace made by Ted Baker, her younger sister turned heads in a black tube dress which fits her curvy body.  Sonia won the Best Supporting Actress of the year in Ghollywood after spending just 3 years in the industry.  She spoke with City People Assistant Society Editor, ABIOLA ORISILE on her journey into the industry, how she has found love again in the hand of a Ghanaian soldier, Collins and how acting alongside her sister, Juliet has shot her to lime-light in a short time. Enjoy it. 


Who is Sonia Ibrahim?

Sonia Ibrahim is Ghanaian actress, a Model and a Presenter. I started modeling since 2005. I later joined acting and now I try to balance both.

You look so much like  Juliet Ibrahim, what is the relationship that exists between both of you?

Yes I know and people say that a lot and I know we look so much alike. The only thing is that she has a big body while I have a small body. Growing up with Juliet was fun and interesting. She is a very strong person. I always tell her she is a woman in a man’s body. I on the other hand, I’m a very shy person. Growing up, we always looked out for each other. I am her immediate younger sister and we are just a year apart. This has made us each other’s friend.

Would you say your sister, being a celebrity has rubbed off on you?

Yes it has. Because of her, I’ve been able to be in the spot light. Even before I started acting, I always followed her about. And lots of people then knew me as Juliet Ibrahim little sister. This has not only pushed me up, it has also helped my acting career. Funny enough, her very first movie, I was supposed to act along with her but I couldn’t because I was too shy. My sister became famous with that movie. I also had Producers and Directors who always wanted me to be on their set but I was always too shy. But my sister gave me the courage and said you are good Sonia, why don’t you do it. I think because of her, I was a bit okay and calm to take acting as a profession. She really taught me a lot and sometimes when I make mistakes, she will put me through. She will say do it this way or do it that way. I am sure that if it had been another Director, he would have blasted me. She was really patient with me. I owe a lot to my sister.

You are beautiful, what is the secret of your looks and your flawless skin?

I don’t do much. Aside the fact that it is hereditary, I do work out to stay in shape. My father is a Lebanese while my Mum is a Liberian by birth.

You are a Mother of One yet you don’t look it, how old is your Child?

I hear that all the time. She is 5 years old.

Are you with the Father of your child?

I am actually engaged and he is in the Army and we are looking forward to getting married next year, God’s willing. It will be a Military wedding. I separated from the father even before I gave birth to her. It is one of those things.

Why didn’t the marriage work?

We were never married; he was a young guy who wanted to enjoy life. My daughter knows my fiancé as his father. He takes care of her, loves her like is his own daughter. They are so close and she calls him Daddy.

How did you meet him as you speak so glowingly of him?

(Laugh) I met him through my brother as he was my brother’s friend. They used to hang out together and that was how our path crossed.

Can we know his name?

It’s a secret but I will just tell you his first name which is Collins.

How did he propose?

Well, one day, he was out of work and came back to Ghana. We were there chatting and he was like you know we have been together for a long time, like 4years and its high time we took it to the next level. At first, I thought he was joking and he went on his knees like… will you marry me.

What does he do?

He is a Soldier in Ghana and he is the definition of all I want in a husband. He is intelligent and handsome.

What makes him stand out from the crowd?

He is an amazing person who has taught me alot. Being with me, he taught me that though people may disappoint you in life but you will still find love. He is not my boyfriend or lover or fiancé, he is my best friend. He has shown me that not everyone deserves you.

You have modeled for lots of big brands in Ghana, can you tell us some of them?

Yes. I have for Skin white, Acador, some Magazines, a lot that is too numerous to mention.

You‘ve been Modeling for over 14years, how do you see acting to Modeling?

You know a Model is not recognised like Actors but Modeling is a little bit slow but acting is huge for me. I have been acting for 3 years. We are also going to premier our movie here in Nigeria in October. The role I play was stealing Juliet’s husband in the movie. We were both sharing the same man in the movie and it was really interesting. We had to kiss same guy in the movie and people were like two sisters.

Do people misjudge you for Juliet seeing that you look so much alike?

Yes, when they see my face without looking at my body but when they see my body, they say oh, you are not Juliet“. My mother is like me even after many kids but Juliet is like my mother’s elder sister. We are 4 and Juliet is the first. I have 1 other sister and a boy. If you see my brother, you will think he is older than me.

How fulfilled are you now?

I am grateful for what I am now.

How do you relax seeing that you are a presenter, a model and an actress?

I find time to relax by reading. I love reading a lot.

What are you currently working on?

Its a series and Juliet is actually the one directing it in Ghana and the season 2 will be shot in Nigeria.

How do you see the Nigeria Entertainment industry?

Nigerians are doing great. The Entertainment industry in Nigeria is highly supportive. We respect the Nigeria market. Ghana is getting there too. There is also a big market there.

You just won an award along with your sister, how do you feel about this?

I am so happy. My sister just won the Hottest Actress of the year and I won Supporting Actress of the year (Ghana). This is my second award in 3years of acting. Its an encouragement to see that I am working and people appreciate what I’m doing.

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