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After seeing the movie – COLD FEET – all the casts deserve Oscar Awards…with JOSELYN DUMAS getting an extra feather in her gélé, because she was simply a joy to repeatedly watch

If you have not seen the movie – COLD FEET – which features our very own Joselyn Dumas, Beverly Naya, Enyinna Nwigwe, Jim Iyke, among others, then you probably may be depriving yourself something beautiful. With the movie centered on these four casts, let’s give it up for the director, Moses Inwang – because he didn’t only bring out the prettiness from them, he brought out the grittiness as well.

With a one hour, forty minute’s movie for the soul, it was worth yours sincerely grabbing popcorn and a bottle of drink and ready for the ride. With all the right elements in place in this movie, we might have to see this masterpiece seven more times.

You may not understand the simplicity, the splendor of the movie, the wit of the director and the brilliance of the casts until you see it for yourself, but imagine a man jets out to a beautiful resort to celebrate the anniversary and birthday of his wife. But the wife’s ‘surprise’ meeting with an old flame brings back memories, feelings and desires that could (almost) jeopardize their vacation and indeed their marriage. Sincerely, the wife was sure she could easily shrug off the charming surprise’s advances towards her, but that’s where the movie really got us glued to our seats.

For us, we must say that COLD FEET thrilled, entertained and taught us vital lessons. The talent and creativity of the four main characters, especially the role played by Ghanaian screen goddess, Joselyn Dumas, kept us thinking about the characters even after the movie was over.

The plot was simple enough to win our hearts and give a first time movie lover, life; there were no elaborate acts to confuse us. Do you know that when you watch a movie, you tend to like (or fall in love) some of the characters in it – that’s the dose this movie purred.

The narrative was interesting because the message came clear. The director’s ability to weave the theme into the story was just perfect.

As an ‘attention to details’ fellow, we did find minimal hitches, like in one scene, the wife of the man slept with her not-thoroughly-cleaned-makeup on. That was an oversight from the director but one that could have been avoided. Aside that, the script, the casting, the shots, etc, came out on top of the world giving credence to the truth that no casts apart from Beverly, Enyinna, Jim and Joselyn, could have nailed it best but them.

Films often get ruined for their bad ending, but with COLD FEET, the ending was nicely enveloped with the story, bringing out the success of a movie, thus, taking us back to the cinema, not once, not twice but thrice.

With this movie still showing at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra, Ghana, this week (MON-THUR: 4:20PM and SAT/SUN: 4:20PM), be rest assured that you may bump into OMOYE, sorry…JOSELYN DUMAS, and when you do, don’t forget to shrug off  your ‘COLD FEET’ and say, “etisen”.

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