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2018 GHANA MEETS NAIJA: After the 9th of June’s ‘reggae’, here is YemmeYbaba’s ‘blues’ Review

wizkid - ghana meets naija

WizKID & his ‘adult’ fans on stage

The 2018 Ghana Meets Naija came, saw, but did the ‘Fantasy Dome razzmatazz’ conquer our expectations? Sincerely without shred of doubts, we had a 50-50 feelings coming as the maiden edition or better say an experimental phase of using such a gargantuan space. To us, having followed what some of my fellow colleagues have reported, the ‘good’ ‘positives’ and beauties of the event, kindly pardon us to bring to you the gritty rather than pretty side of the whole night.

Let’s us be quick to remind that our observations are not malicious intent or whatsoever bile that may be first pinched at, but from an observer (not a PR or influencer) point of view, bear with me as this road that we shall gambol and toddle along, within this few minutes, would be balletically interesting.

Inasmuch that we had so much fun, jumped and nearly touched the sky, especially when Ghana’s prime prince, Stonebwoy, came on stage, plus when Wizzy-baby introduced Shatta Wale – truth be told, when the show was over in the wee hours of Sunday, and we had to go home, it was a case of aurevoir but not goodbye.

Let’s make this sharp-sharp and move unto the next chapter;

[1] The attendance was awesomely beautiful. The good people of Ghana came out in their numbers and supported their own artistes to thrill. If my counting-brains were intact, then that venue saw the entire Ghana out to have fun on the 9th of June, 2018.

[2] The content on the night was beautiful, great and positively glorious, but we must say that in between proceedings, we sighted mismanagement.

[3] You don’t play the national anthem for a First Lady; the anthem can only be played for the President or a representative from the government on an official ceremony. Still on this subject, the DJ disrespected the national anthem by repeatedly playing it, thus, making the dignitaries to continuously stand. In this vein, we got in touch with the DJ who ‘made that blunder’, and he ‘swore’ that his machine got frozen amidst few mishaps. In this case we can wink and smile, patting him on his back that such an error could make him not be called up in 2019.

[4] Those at the Platinum wing didn’t enjoy themselves as it was advertised that it would be ‘an experience’. Also, one conspicuous blunder was for plastic cups to be placed on the tables meant to be for the ‘royals’ among the lots. It was actually disrespectful.

[5] Organizers should have controlled dress codes of the performing artistes, and caution all those who came to undress (taking off their shirts and almost their trousers) on stage, knowing very well that the First Lady, among other topnotch dignitaries were present.

[6] Security was below the belt and the reports we gathered by a large number of attendees, signaled that the men and women that were to ‘man’ the gates defied certain rules and left heartbeats furiously pumping. Organizers have agreed to talk with us exclusively on what really went on; this shall be made open to my readers.

[7] Sound was terrible; the soundman should be fired; because at different intervals, some musicians couldn’t hear themselves clearly and right. Some part of the stage didn’t have monitors, here again the sound engineer should be blamed.

[8] Lights positioning were fantastic.

[9] As to whether the Set was solid enough and reflected what we envisaged or a clearer message of what the organizers wanted to pass across, that would be shoved under our conscience and hope that if that venue would be considered for an event of such magnitude, then the drawing board must be obeyed.

Before we go, it would be fair to remind our readers that aside Wizkid massively ‘stealing’ the night, one act that a showed intense gut was Patapaa; to sharpen his edges, he needs guidance, because he is a monster in the making and needs to be watched.

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