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Aniré: 100%…and Then Some!

The role we play in the life of our partner, is crucial to their success in fulfilling purpose. In the grand scheme of things, you’re not in their lives to be loved. You’re in their lives to love, support, cherish, honour, protect, provide for and be loyal to them.

One of the fundamental mistakes we make, is thinking that a relationship might revolve around us. It doesn’t. It should, by design, revolve around GOD, just as our individual lives revolve around Him. Relationships aren’t rocket science. Ideally, they should be vision-driven; a journey, not a destination.

Having the right train of thought is very important when stepping into a relationship with someone you’re in-love with. It’s not just about love, and it shouldn’t just be vibes & Insha’Allah. It should be based off of logical facts and common sense. If we want to get married to someone, who we can run the race furthest with, we’ll need to be meticulous in our decision making. How responsive is that person towards GOD’s leading? How sincere, open and vision minded are they? Are they compassionate, loving and forgiving? Do they believe in you and in your primary assignment for Christ?

As believers, we shouldn’t be controlled by our emotions. We have the ability to set our affections, coupled with the fact that we house GOD’s Spirit within us. Keeping it 100% requires strength like no other. And even when we do keep it Jiggy, we’ve got to do so much more, because in truth, true love requires our all, and then some.

– With Love, From Love.

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