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Aniré writes on LOVE & SELFISHNESS

Some people just want a trophy partner. They want someone who’ll be an accessory; someone who’ll complement their looks when they go out. Someone whom they can control and not be accountable to.

I mean, we all want someone we can show off to the world, someone we are so proud of. But then the question lies; what exactly are we proud of?

It’s one thing to be proud of someone for how they look or who they truly are within, but it’s another thing totally to be super proud of the person they’re becoming.

Personally, I take pride in playing my part by supporting my favourite human in becoming the very best she can be in order to achieve all her goals and desires in life, but I’ve also met people who kill the dreams of their spouses/partners even before it’s conceived.

Love & Selfishness don’t mix. And by selfishness, I mean putting oneself before one’s partner. It’s one thing to be proud of our partner’s achievements, but are we proud of the role(s) we’re playing in their lives? We all want someone we can be proud of and show off to the world, but if we aren’t actively adding tangible value to their lives and careers/passions, what then are we adding?

– With Love, From Love.

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