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Aniré’s LOVING YOU ANEW is a beautiful 2022 starter

In 2022, I want to love you anew. I want to pay more attention to detail, in all the ways I’m led to love you. I want to gaze at the stars through your eyes, as we laugh our hearts out in joy, from the overflow of love gushing within us. I want to love you more unrestrictedly this year.

I want to write to you more in 2022. They say true love births consistency and intentionality; that desire to always make the effort to communicate, to show up, and to always want to be in your space, regardless of what we might be going through. I want to be faithful to you.

In 2022, let our love flourish. Let the fires of passion in our hearts, burn hot all year. May we desire a greater ‘more intimate’ relationship with ABBA. May our hearts be open to learn all that GOD desires us to learn and may our eyes be solely fixed on Jesus this year. I love you and I miss you so much. Talk to you soon

– With Love, From Love.

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